186 ~ Be the one ~

A humble appeal by our CEO (Kelly Du Plessis):

You may know that Rare Diseases are close to my heart. Just like you, I also once thought that they were too Rare to be relevant, and then one day, a rare disease came along and changed the course of my life.

Our community needs change, and sometimes that change, comes in small actions.

I am asking for just 1 of my connections to agree to give R100 a month to Rare Diseases SA. Just one.

As together, we are stronger.

Every month, RDSA currently supports:

• Over 1500+ patients

• 700+ caregivers

• 1400+ healthcare professionals

• 140+ disease specific support groups

• 85+ online community platforms

And all they need to do this, is 1 of YOU.

YOU have the power to make change happen.

(As can be seen, the above work is no simple task)


Ways to donate:

1) Debit Order: http://www.rarediseases.co.za/debitorder

2) GivenGain (accepts all major cards):


3) Zapper

4) Snapscan

If anyone would like to donate towards Dysautonomia specifically, please state Dysautonomia as the referance until our online fundraising account is finalized.

(My list of endorsement has been authorized & attached in the link below


Thank you

جزاك الله خيرا احسن الجزاء

To the – someone’s – out there… 💓✨

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