190 ~ Quiz whizz – Wrap-up ~

Answer to the final challenge, 7:

Urinary catheter ✔️

Congratulations to the winners 🎉

The miracle of life

– @zaynub_l

– Sister A

– Flower in the wild

Lol I knew this question was going to be easy peasy 😆 and “it was tough to phrase it in a tough way.” So being the last one I made it simple & quick to get.

Most importantly, to address the challenges associated with bladder Dysfunction which is barely discussed and often hushed. People who wish to discuss it, should be free to do so without it being dubbed as an “embarrassing” topic.

This particular quiz also happened to coincide with the 1st of November being the start of bladder health awareness month.

I’ve explained the bladder system before but to recap:

Muscles and nerves of the urinary system work together to hold and release urine at the right time.

Nerves carry messages via the bladder, spinal cord and brain. These messages tell the muscles of the bladder to empty when it’s ready.

With Autonomic dysfunction the nerves don’t work the way they should. So the muscles might not be able to tighten at the right time or relax at all in order to empty.

Basically, Dysautonomia can cause either of the following dilemmas:

Incontinence – meaning loss of bladder control due to faulty nerve signals / weak muscles that cause the bladder to leak during exertion or at any given moment. There are different types of incontinence.

It’s also known as Over Active Bladder (OAB)

People confronted with such a condition tend to withdraw from social activities due to the impact / consequences it has on their daily life, as well as mental health. Some need to wear adult diapers, but are also advised to do pelvic floor exercises – Kegels. Diet precautions – refraining from certain foods / drinks / meds that trigger incontinence episodes.

Frequency – Your bladder may not be completely filled but you’ll feel the urge to urinate quickly. It may not empty completely during one time, & there might be a disruption in the stream of flow, therefore resulting in a second emptying not long after the first.

Nocturia (you may have noticed this term on Dysautonomia internationals fast facts) – Frequent night time urination due to various reasons…

Urinary Retention – Where your bladder is full / bursting but there’s only a slight dribble & it cannot empty completely.

Urinary Obstruction: Urine flow is blocked so you’re unable to relieve yourself at all. This happens when nerves do not send signals to release, so the muscles remain tight & do not squeeze.

These 2 types are known as Under Active Bladder (UAB) & require a number of trial medication + treatments such as intermittent catheterization or permanent self catheterization. There are also various types of catheterization.

The thought of it can be intimidating & overwhelming. If you feel or have been told this is what you need to do, you are most likely to feel sad, disappointed, & isolated. Its absolutely normal & okay to feel that way.

Some experiences you hear might make you more afraid, whereas others are more hopeful or a mixture of both. Either way, reassurance & advice from experience will guide and pull you through this daunting journey.

For beneficial tips & guidelines on how to make this entire transformative process easier, please feel free to message & also follow or check out 3 of my favorite accounts in terms of a wide range of daily life hacks & self empowerment with chronic illness!

Beautiful souls, extremely kind, compassionate, caring & supportive, that you won’t even feel like a “stranger” 💖

– Chronically Ams (Amy’s life). She also has a YouTube channel.


– Diary of a spoonie


– Actively Autoimmune


And now finally!! We head onto the finale of winners & runner ups ⏳🤩

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