196 ~ The forgotten heroes ~

Here goes..

Something quite different compared to the previous chapters…

Recently I was informed regarding the Heroes of Heroes challenge conducted by Cii Radio, in honor of the Khulafaa-e-rawshideen رضي الله عنهم.

The challenge was initiated as a form of combating the evil of shiasm and reviving the long lost golden histories of Sahaabah رضي الله عنهم. Particularly in an era where majority of the hype and focus is directed towards others…

In the meantime the astounding lives of our actual celebrities have become bygone. It’s time to revive the legacies of these forgotten heroes.

I admire this beautiful initiative that has us scurrying once again towards bookshelves, audios, & every possible source of authentic literature we can obtain to compose a piece of artwork as an entry.

It’s refreshing to “step into their lives” & become motivated by their deeply entrenched faith, & unparalleled, modelic, characteristics.

At first, there was a slight confusion with regards to the facts of participating. On what basis pointed will be scored and finalists selected… So eventually I settled on a poem to express “why Ali رضي الله عنه is my hero?”

As the query had been set forth.

Initially I intended to do a piece of calligraphy artwork, but due to time constraints, ill health, and not being able to get all the tools in time… I constructed a poem and managed to send it an hour or two before the deadline.

By then my hands could not exert more and I was utterly exhausted due to few nights of poor sleep. So a niece typed it out on my behalf into picture format. Without realising it was uploaded upside down by one of the presenters. So I retyped & numbered them onto a new background. It was sent in again and the sequence was placed into its correct order.

Before letting you onto the poem itself, I was asked to note some points regarding the efforts behind this composition as a chronically ill individual….

A little history behind my entry

🔹When writing something about yourself, it’s easier to phrase it as you please..

However, when describing a companion of Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم or writing one of their quotes into a poem, you cannot use any type of words. It has to be structured in a manner that does not alter the original meaning. Hence, a lot of caution & thinking is involved.

🔹It took me exactly 8 days to compose the poem & after it was sent in, I still looked at it and thought..

“This could’ve been stated in this manner or that could’ve been phrased in that manner”

But eventually I let go of “coulds” and became satisfied with all the little mishaps, that no one might notice besides myself (lol). I learnt to give myself credit for those moments where I applied my all and worked to the best point I possibly could, in spite of the challenges associated!

With brain fog it’s like the words are “there somewhere”. Jumbled and lost in the back of your head. But you cannot always retrieve and present them forward fully, in a way you desire or need to do.

🔹Thinking and penning down feelings have to be done between the short, hours & intervals that are brain fog, dizzy free, & hands are electric-shock / spasm free.

🔹Hours of much needed, important sleep was sacrificed, & in lieu of it I only hope for reward from above.

I certainly do not want any sort of pity or shame. But I do feel that people need to be explained & take cognizance of the effect exertion has on hands that have a hyper sensitivity & hypermobility syndrome. (From the outside looking in, it’s difficult to comprehend, so explanations are required in many instances)

Yes, we’re typing and doing things because if we don’t, we’d never be able to actually live some sort of a life. But we’ve also got to prioritize the usage of our hands and ascertain where the pain is most needed & worthwhile at which point.

🔹 It’s been months that I’ve had a good opportunity to speak to my closest soul sisters or friends, because pain levels have heightened and when I’m done with basic activities for the day or few important replies, I cannot manage to type more, as much as my heart yearns to do so.

🔹A new Dr recently realised that my hands aren’t currently in a very good shape and without me mentioning.. She pointed out: “Aren’t you experiencing more pain here, there, etc

Then recommended specific excercises to help the nerves perform at their most optimal level. (To be explained in another chapter)

🔹She also needed to stick a special kind of a tape around certain areas, but because my body is currently in a full blown Allodynia flare.. She said it’s not desirable to irritate the skin more by putting extra things on when it cannot even handle basic clothing.

🔹I was advised to “take it easy” & give my hands a break because apparently they’re overworked for their current state.. That’s a really tough rule to follow or balance out, but in the end I’m not left with much of an option. So I’m learning and working extremely hard on pacing between chores and breaks, without feeling guilty, and trying to be less hard on myself.

To conclude, I hereby remind you I was requested to attach the aforementioned history, so readers can be given a glimpse of the effort “behind the scenes”, & treasure the poem more… Also to make people realise why I truly appreciate their votes.

Shukran Jazeelan @just_a_niqabi 💖💙

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ان شاء الله

جزاكم الله خيرا احسن الجزاء

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