198 ~ The facts have to be said ~


Marks 2 years since Swimming Through The Waves came into existence. But as you can see the blogversary post was published 12 days later.. According to chronic illness timing lol.

I don’t think there’s a word like blogversary. It’s just one of the vocabularies that exist in my dictionary lolll.

Today I’d like to extend a heartfelt note of appreciation to every single person who’s a part of my journey.

The ones who created memories for me to cherish & glance back upon with joy and gratefulness.

The ones who formed a pillar for me to fall back on

The ones who lent me their hands to help me get back up on my feet.

I pray for each person who impacts my life in one way or another. Your existence truly matters!

Thank you for swimming through the waves, with me

Thank you to the ones who made or make matters unpleasant because it is through exercising patience upon your cruelty that I seek reward, and attain growth.

A few pertinent points to note:

Readers are well acquainted with my style of speaking / writing by now. Like I always say, my experiences are not sugar coated and I do not put filters on any subject matter.

Recently I mentioned to a friend, that in every sphere of life, regardless of what you do, there’s always going to be some people who will be up at arms against you.

Some who might not like what you have to say. Some who will not even bother to understand what you say or why you have to do, what you are doing, but will hurl their own conclusions of how “doomed” you are.

Some will gossip about the motivational quotes and images you share on whatsapp status, unaware of the need for it.

Some will criticize and do anything to pull your spirit down.

During these circumstances, you need to hold up even stronger and remain firm.

Recently I heard a striking quote:

“The best weight to loose, is the weight of people’s opinions”

Why torment your soul with what “they’ll say?”

Be at peace by asking yourself, what does my creator have to say?

And the answer will be placed directly in your heart 💙

Let them say what they want to say!

Let them think what they want to think!

Their sin.

Your reward for being abused / accused of something false.


انه عليم بذات الصدور

Verily, He is All-knowing with what is in the hearts.

He knows my intentions. He sees my actions. He witnesses it all, and he is the final judge.

فلا يحزنك قولهم

ان العزة لله جميعا

و هو السميع العليم

Do not let their speech grieve you

Verily all honor is by the Almighty

He is the All-hearing, All-seeing.

Just as I happened to draft the above, someone came to a brother of mines and made statements along the following lines:

“What is up with your sister? Why is she trying to become someone “big” by writing and communicating on all these platforms……?”

(It was not asked / remarked with a pure intent of learning the reason)

Warning ⚠

I might sound a little or quite fierce, but the Almighty created me with feisty streaks for a purpose. Had I been timid, I would have never survived this journey.

So, first of all I wondered..

1) Why is it their business to care about my work? As if, I am committing some type of major sin, that needs to be rectified.

2) How many males actually have time to read a blog that contains important information concerning illness related matters? I know quite a few who read mines, and of course anyone is more than welcome to read, male or female. (No gender discrimination lol. Pun intended).

But the problem is with this certain one who came forward with false accusatory claims, and has the wrong end of it all, which brings me to the next point –

3) Was he insinuated by a lady to make such statements?

4) I’m not in the circle of public figures & influencers.

5) I am not here to chase likes, seek fame or promote myself. The mere thought of that is draining.

4) I also don’t have sufficient information and evidence to reach a final conclusion. Nonetheless, I do want to say:

If you haven’t been in a particular circumstance or experienced the condition for yourself, I’d caution you to beware of the assumptions or problems you create, by deducing conclusions on a matter of which you have absolutely no knowledge.

If you haven’t been to a particular country, can you offer relevant advice to another person who’s going there? No!

Likewise, if you’re not living in the world of the chronically ill, and you’re not living with Dysautonomia.. Please steer far and stop being a nitpick!

We are confined to space and work, therefore, an even stronger and valid reason to use these public forums as a means of pulling advocates together.

All my intentions and purposes have been explained a countless times, so I do not owe anyone further explanations, nor will I waste my precious energy on brainless people.

I’ve sought guidance (prayed istikharah prior to initiating everything). I’ve consulted with people who are aware of a woeful plight.

With the help of the Almighty, no ones assumptions will deter me from doing what needs to be done.

Only those who form a whole part of my life and soul, are fully aware, and able to feel the pain, tears, sweat, sacrifice, and tremendous amount of effort that goes into supporting and building Dys rarely recognized and isolated community.

I sought advice with regards to this suggestion and decision 3 years ago! Hence.. No further approval is required.

Prior to the publication of each chapter:

🔹I perform a set of prayer

🔹Recite “the heart of the holy Koran”

🔹Writing is coupled with

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم to seek blessings

🔹 Then

رب اشرح لي صدري

و يسر لي أمري

و احلل عقدة من لساني

يفقهوا قولي

Oh lord expand my chest

And ease my matter

Loosen the knots from my tongue

So they may understand my speech

Only then, readers are enlightened by the final result.

So now, the opposition party can like it or lump it lolll.

I advise anyone else dealing with a similar situation to be free and careless in fulfilling their mission.

Now, I address the ones who are intelligent enough to understand and support my endeavors..

As an advocate for this community, I truly appreciate the engagement and feedback from you the main audience who don’t require explanations. It helps to give an idea what dilemmas people are facing and how it can be resolved.

We’re here to share, care, and boost one anothers morale.

God-willing, via my own experiences I’ll be addressing important topics that are commonly hushed or viewed as a “shame”. Tips and guidelines will be attached on how to support a loved one during their crisis.

But I’d also like to know what is it in particular that you’ve benefited from?

Are there any topics I might have missed that you feel should be tackled?

Other input in general?

The length of the posts?

I’m not going to ask about consistency because it all depends on my body, but I try to keep up with at least one chapter a week if 2 are not possible.

Suggestions for future posts are most welcome.

Please feel free to comment via whatsapp, messenger, or instagram. Wherever it’s most suitable for you to communicate.

My inbox is always filled 🤦‍♀️ lol. I get backlogged almost all the time. But whenever possible, I try to respond the earliest I can. Please don’t think I’m ignoring you or upset or anything of that sort. Life’s a big juggle.

In the next post, readers will be given a better glimpse as to why my days are so jam-packed…

Ok, I don’t swear lol. But couldn’t have stumbled across an image that describes it so apt 💯👌

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