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A quick note to acknowledge everyone who responded to the previous post and extended backup.

Your time and kindness greatly appreciated 💗💙💜💚💛🧡💝

جزاكم الله خيرا احسن الجزاء

As I approach the 2-year landmark of being blessed with the opportunity to initiate a little home business, known as

K’s Pencraft’s

I want to enlighten readers regarding the following makeover and updates that have been implemented. God-forbid, lest anyone tries to produce a counterfeit copy of artwork under my name, you’d be able to discern the difference and kindly bring it to my attention.

My previous trademark was art from the heart. But then I realized that by not elaborating the type of art, people were led into thinking I can do any kind. Which is not the case.

Hence the new™️;

Calligraphy art ~ From the heart

Est 2018

Please be aware of my new logo designed by Prints and palettes whose service is fantastic!! I’d recommend it to anyone else seeking the expertise of a graphic designer. She’s genuinely pleasant and patient to work with. Continued adapting, and modifying things until they finally met my satisfaction ❣️❣️ Went the extra mile. No-fuss.

Alhamdulillah for being referred to her! Worthwhile all the money and time.


The background splash of colors was blended according to the style usually combined for brush lettering purposes.

My business card 💳 which will now be attached to each item ordered has the following description inscribed:

Designed with passion by Khadeeja Munchi, a young entrepreneur, living beyond the scope of multiple disabilities

Fighting a complex and life-threatening type of a rarely recognized disease, while pursuing life’s opportunities


Whatsapp: 078 553 8251

Instagram: @trails_of_ink

(Front to back)

These cards were also designed by @printsandpalettes, she played them out according to my exact liking. All finer details of the way I wanted the words to fit in ⚟ are perfect 🥰🤩😍

She printed it so fast and even delivered it to my door herself. Because we’re a little nearby, there was no need for a courier. Alhamdulillah. Everything got done well and in order 👌☺️☺️☺️

As mentioned in previous posts, there’s always meaning and reason, behind each word that is chosen.

Likewise, the background of the above description is for the following reasons:

🔸People should be aware of the effort and challenges behind the scenes. I always say, the final result looks beautiful and error-free, whereas, if I explain the process in great length, it might not seem so appealing at all.

🔸The process to success is not a smooth sailing one.

Each order has a different little story of perseverance and persistence.

🔸No one besides people who live or are close to you will see the tears of frustration, excessive sweating from concentrating deeply (a symptom of Dys), working through brain fog, angina pain triggered if chest is bent over into an incorrect posture, muscle spasms, a stiff neck that cannot turn, subsequent migraine attacks, increased dizziness, and coat hanger pain due to long hours being spent in a completely upright posture.

People see a piece of artwork and comment that it “looks so simple” / “how can it be costly?”

But they don’t see you having to hunt for special supplies not always easily obtained.

They don’t see the caution when working with certain colors of ink that have to be of thicker consistency. For example, white – cannot be too thin, else the ink will not hold and seep through the paper. But the thicker consistency also doesn’t flow through the nib easily. Such an order takes much longer. The color is light. So you have to do a double coating, and ensure nothing goes out of its original line.

Lol, I’m very particular about size, spacing, neatness, layout, & presentation.

Being immaculate is the rule.

According to my limited knowledge, subject to correction, the in-between pastel or light shades are not sold in SA, as loose cartridges or ink pots. It has to be blended. So a lot of experiments are involved to ensure customer satisfaction.

With brain fog, I have to repeat and begin one simple name, quote, or medium-lengthen, from scratch all over again, about 3 or 4 times in most instances.

These are all explanations. No complaints. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, I am extremely grateful and enjoy the entire process, irrespective of the challenges posed.

(Jazakillah to Aunty A for inquiring about the process ❣️❣️❣️)

🗨️ “Designed with passion”

Because I bleed the ink onto paper. My heart goes into every fine detail and aspect.

🗨️ “Living beyond the scope of multiple disabilities”

To show; we can adopt a way to live beyond our disabilities. Turn the remaining space into new super abilities, and don’t let what you cannot do, prevent you from achieving the things you can. If you cannot do one thing, you can excel at another.

I see some paraplegics having overcome their condition to such an extent that they’re able to live independent lives and are financially stable.

🗨️ “While pursuing life’s opportunities”

Wherever we are buried or placed in life, therein lies our growth, gift, and nurturing. Different stages bring different opportunities. Chronic illness can be viewed as a termination of life’s enjoyment, or transformation towards a brand new one.

Find new purpose

Via the route of illness.

Then onto the foremost points;

🗨️ “Fighting a complex and life-threatening….”

Is not included for attention, shame, or pity!!! This phrase has been specifically mentioned as a form of education.

Dysautonomia is a total systematic disorder that is commonly unknown. Physicians have not been trained to identify this illness. Several neurologists themselves are unaware of the correct literature.

The vast amount of symptoms and signs cannot be recognized, let alone understood, that the intensity ranges from mild to severe, as well as life-threatening/fatal.

The way it affects all the bodily organs makes everything very complex.

The name needs to be put out, so the impact it can have is made loud and clear. Dysautonomia should stop being trivialized, and be taken seriously! For once! We’re far more often dismissed.

Searching for a knowledgeable Dr is like one wild goose chase lol. And it should not be so!! This is unacceptable! We are working towards a change of ideology.

As slow as I am in completing the orders entrusted to me 📃 I use calligraphy as a means of heightening awareness, information, and knowledge regarding this condition, which is not just rarely known, but also has many rare types.

Each person is affected differently. No 2 are the same.

🗨️ “Trails of ink”

When I first contemplated over a suitable name to describe me – A person who expresses herself through writing, be it blogging, journaling, or calligraphy.

The first option that came to mind was “I bleed ink”. But when I inserted it into the username field, it was already taken by several other accounts, as well as a tattoo place somewhere out in the wide world lol.

“I bleed color” was another option, in the sense that life with chronic illness or in general, can become grey, somber, and monotonous from time to time, especially while twisting around between the various modes of care our bodies require.

But color can make it bright and cheerful

Eventually, I scratched out the above 2 and narrowed it down to “I weave words” – Directing attention to the meaning or design of words. Then it struck me that another favorite writer – @leezajaydepoetry, happens to go under the title of word weaver.

Being someone who abides by the principle of originality, I finally settled on

Trails of ink

To denote a person’s stamp on earth.

To leave behind trails of ink as a legacy.

When we depart from this world, each individual leaves unique imprints.

Trails of ink encapsulate the crux of a person who lives beyond multiple limitations but also describe me as a person in whom writing was an intrinsic nature before illness, but brought out to the fore, by these illnesses.

My fervent hope is that even after I am called over to my creator… There will be trails of ink for people to follow and lead on. A place where I can be found. A place where my presence can be felt. A place where my voice will not fade. A place where the echoes can remain.

إن شاء الله

A note of appreciation to all close friends for their votes and input on the account title.

⚠️ On another important note,

I need to put this out here with no implication towards any individual! Addressed generally based on countless observations and personal experience.

Envy has become a terrible scourge and repulsive disease. Some people cannot see you doing anything! It’s a “sin” to even appear happy, let alone be happy inside. Some stoop horrendously low to derive short-lived satisfaction from the suffering of others. We are living in an appalling time, where these types of spiritual diseases are on a rise. No treatment is being taken for it & the result of that is disheartening.

Well-wishing, which Prophet Muhammad (Peace and salutations be upon him) stated to be religion in itself, has become bygone.

Let us revive this beautiful practice

And please. Stop. Being. Envious.

If someone is derailed by low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, and unable to see their value as a unique being. Encourage therapy, counseling, self-empowerment workshops, and reach out for help, to prevent yourself from taking drastic stances and doing wicked things to innocent people at the expense of your peace.

I often emphasize the point of each person being gifted differently.

Just as no two people in this wide world possess the same fingerprint. You have a mark to leave and a contribution to fulfill that no one else can. A one-only signature. People can duplicate or produce shams, but none can replace the original mark of another.

Your gift has been bestowed on you alone.

Why? Oh, why? Let it lay unwrapped.

Why? Oh why? Discard it aside by trying to be a counterfeit copy that has much less value than an original?

Why? Oh, why? Drop your price and significance so low?

Why? Oh, why? Torment your soul and sanity?

Are people happy to be inwardly miserable?

Because finding joy at the downfall of others cannot provide inner happiness.

Someone can bake well. Someone can cook well. Someone can paint well. Someone can draw well. Someone can teach well. Someone can sing well & so on & so forth…

Everyone is talented in a different way

We all have gifts to offer the world

Find yours and harness an authentic expression.

The chronic sphere has sterling examples:

✨ Claire Wineland (passed on at the age of 21 in 2018 from a condition called Cystic Fibrosis). Claire traveled to places as a motivational, public speaker. She left a mind-blowing legacy that cannot be equated to some old adults.

As a kid, as a teenager, as an extremely young female, having just entered adulthood, the wisdom she presented to the world is life-changing. If you haven’t seen, read, or heard any of her documentaries, please go! You will thank me later lol.

There are people like her who express themselves through speaking.

Whereas I cannot speak. But that type of imperfection does not burn my heart with jealousy over what she achieved. I’m so glad she existed so I can benefit from her life. I’m grateful for having known her, and I miss her vibrant, transparent personality! Her tireless efforts in raising awareness and creating a foundation to assist others are an example for us.

My speaking is limited by illness. Though, even before illness, I always found it difficult to express my inner self fully, through speaking.

So now I don’t drown in self-pity by looking only at what others like her can do, and wish for their talents to be snatched away. I’m taking up the time and resources endowed to me, and constructing it into something possible

Tasnim Patel provides phenomenal service to humanity. Founder of Muslimahs making a difference & a Fibromyalgia support group. Beautiful poetry under the penname – Fountains of paradise.

✨ Ethereal Fashion Boutique (Fibromyalgia and Endometriosis fighter) – Who’s talent is to sew clothing and create beautiful pieces of jewelry and accessories.

I shared her story on the blog.

✨ Kara La France (Acromegaly fighter) – Graphic designer and painting artist.

Also shared snippets of her life on the blog.

✨ On another level out of the chronic world, I follow the life story of Asmaa HusseinRuqayas bookshelf – Named after her little daughter. The demise of Asmaa’s husband prompted her to publish an amazing book titled:

A temporary gift.

Reflections on love, loss, and healing.

As you can see, the striking factor and resemblance in each of our lives, are a multitude of talents that came into existence and developed through struggle.

So yes, I believe there is space for everyone to do their thing! We’re not meant to invade another’s space because we are allocated enough of our own.

Life is so stressful already, why add on more and destroy your peace by making your eyes camera surveillance over others’ lives.

Just be yourself. So simple. No hassle. Spare the stress and you’ll progress!

In an era where people are in constant comparison and competition with every. single. thing.

Cars. Homes. Clothes. Fashion. Weddings. Education. Intellect. Kids. The list is endless and quite sickening!

Find contentment and joy by flowing at your own pace, in your lane.

Own your sense of self.

Here today. Gone tomorrow.

Here now. Gone the next minute.

Life is too short to waste it by focusing on what “others have” and what “others can do”

Start today, by focusing on the blessings they don’t have and the things they cannot do!

Be you.

For your creator.

Extend a sincere and wholehearted service to humanity…

Keep in mind;

The victim of envy may have their worldly life partially or fully destroyed. But their ranks are being elevated in the hereafter. Higher and higher. So ultimately they’re gaining. Not loosing. Permanent gain is substituted for perishable loss.

Whereas, the perpetrator ruins his / her success of both worlds, and departs, only to meet further misery and doom in the next.

What a path through and to hell from beginning to end if you view it from every angle?!

Torment in this world and torment in the hereafter. May the Almighty safeguard us from being caught in the traps of the devil and unfetter those who are stuck in it.

Dear ummah, you are only given a couple of chances while the ball is still in your court.

Before the game is over

Act with swiftness.

Win or lose?


With not one chance again thereafter…

In what state do we prefer our hearts be handed over to their maker?

Filthy with envy?


Clean and pure?

The choice is yours

Select wisely.

(I’ve related my background & connection to calligraphy in several posts, for anyone who may have missed it, here are the 2 main links 🔗 with snippets in other places