205 ~ Unexpected good ~

The neck spasms and coat hanger pain became intense and ongoing for weeks, disabling my functionality to a large extent.. Desperate for relief but taking the hustle bustle of the examination period into consideration, I did not want to disturb my brothers to take me for an appointment, because one session to sort it out would not have been sufficient.. I’d require a few but how will they manage to take me to and fro…

Suddenly an unexpected humanly gift arrived directly at my doorstep..

Previously, I came across Dr’s who are intelligent but still gaining experience

I came across senior Drs who are long in their field but simply cannot comprehend symptoms linked to it

I came across one who possessed a God-like arrogance and attitude of “I know it all” & “no one can tell me anything” – limiting his own expertise

I came across Dr’s who have a keen desire to assist, but simply have not been trained to deal with Dysautonomia related matters

And after all the various types, I was bestowed a young Dr who is purely gifted.

Everything about her tells us she has been divinely blessed

A dr who’s understanding of my case is only the second of a kind

A dr who’s intelligence is mind blowing

A dr who’s cautiousness and care for her patients supercedes a paycheck

A dr who has revolutionized the meaning of my existence 💝

When I was first referred by a family member who spoke about her with high esteem, I had NO major expectations due to my collection of experiences over the past 4 years. In fact, meeting with a new medical professional always creates a gnawing knot of trepidation in my abdomen.

Hopes were neutral but desperate for relief I said let me seek blessings and try.

After 2 weeks of delaying, I finally scheduled a consultation not expecting anything great. But the minute we met and clicked, life thereon changed

A turning point of good


The sun rose in all its glory bringing along with it the warmth of a person who set fire to a soul that sometimes became deadened by the iciness of stormy seasons

2:45 PM

Once seated comfortably she asked for the full detail of my fantastic medical history & was totally stunned into silence after listening uninterrupted with full attention to in depth intricacies which we haven’t yet reached on the blog.

I cannot understand

But this is so obvious! Its apparent as daylight that this is a total systematic disorder! While you’re explaining the progression, the pieces are fitting in my mind as expected.

Oh my gosh! Where did you find all these other Dr’s?

Where were they in the lecture rooms?

She exclaims with utter disbelief!

After reaching the conclusion of my history an estimated 2 hours later, she states:

WOW! I cannot even “believe” everything you’ve undergone. How are you even here? Existing, living, smiling?

Faith ✨ Prayer 🕋 Love 💖 Support 🤝 Nature 🍃 Animals 🐾 Art 🎨

But little does she see the beauty of her own reflection in my world

Waves of delight washed over and removed a large amount of the tumult in my soul..

Its been 2 long trying years since my condition and diagnoses were last confirmed by a remarkable neurologist.. And now once again it was validated (even though it doesn’t require an approval)

I was not looked upon with questionable reservations of acuity. The concerns and confusion pertaining to the blood in my lungs was not doubted in the least. She didn’t ask for proof of images to approve the validity of my claims like a Dr done 5 months ago. A humiliating stance…

She saw the struggle for what it is

She heard my words for what they are

And most of all, she believed me for who I am

Is it all a dream? Someone shake me awake!

(Name changed)

Dr Aaisha ❣️ Where were you all this time? I wondered in amazement over her demeanor and intelligence..

“She has been sent as a gift from me. A replacement. A source of ease after all your patience” echoed the voice from above”

Wait & see how destiny will spun out different things than before

Your trust in me will never fail you, this is only but one opened door..

Remember those couplets of hope you inscribed in chapter 197

They were not fancy words and hollow promises just written

Indeed! The answers to many questions and symptoms are near

After 18 months certain unsolved mysteries will now be made clear…