209 ~ Transformative tips – Part 3 ~

Aromatherapy essential oils

Apply few drops of peppermint oil (blended with a carrier oil) into your hands and motion in circles or swish it into the air back and forth.. The fragrance will spread around you and help to alleviate nausea from migraines or Gastroparesis

Angels stretch / wall angels stretch

Is usually done by leaning against a wall and stretching against gravity. But I had to start by laying on the floor.

Lay flat with sufficient space around for your arms to extend out. Tighten the buttocks then squeeze a little between the shoulder blades (as if you squeezing to hold something light like a chocolate in between), not too tight so that it creates more spasms.

Then while holding tension mid-spine, raise the arms straight upwards as high as you can, without bending the elbows or lifting it off the floor, and glide down again.

Should be done preferably in wraps of 3, 9 times.

This is to help create endurance on the middle and upper spine so it can take pressure from usual tasks without thinking that it should tilt forward and settle in that position. It will help the spine realise that I can stay in my original position without having to change and set in another posture as I go about my daily tasks.

The angel stretch wraps bring the ears, neck, and shoulders, precisely together in one line amd also creates expansion of the chest.

While Dr worked on releasing my neck that went into a general “stiff guarding mode..”

We discussed general matters relating to breathing and my cardiopulmonary condition. She saw with her own 2 eyes 👀 that some days are easier to breathe while laying flat down for a while.. Whereas other days are more tough.

As we made chit-chat, answers flowed in so naturally and unexpectedly that I could not believe the sensibility of it all…

That day after the session terminated, I sat in awe pondering over the sheer mercy and compassion of our maker who saw the pain that’s difficult and impossible for people to see. One who heard the discreet plea for “any” relief… Because somewhere in the haze of an alamort brain, the only word that floated around was “relief”. I did not have the energy to think or ask for it to appear in a specific way..

And then ease arrived in the form of one person – who’s presence brought numerous forms of relief

Oh heart! Have you realised?

As-Shaheed – Witnesses the storm quivering the strength in your ventricles

But he also sends miraculous reinforcements to help manage these battles

Battles that very few comprehend and some do not even believe

He sees the illiteracy thereof, periodically makes you grieve

After countless times of being harassed

And after constantly becoming distressed

The time has now dawned for your answers to be given

Listen to the clarifications Dr is about to mention…