223 ~ Transformative tips – Part 4 ~

In part 3 of transformative tips I shared a few points with regards to aromatherapy.. Thereafter I thought it better to elaborate further when Dr explained the part about our soles being porous.. These explanations were posted on my Instagram stories but I’m adding it here as well, for the sake of those who aren’t on there.

Our soles are porous –

Meaning they absorb energy.

Liquids go right through things that have porosity. Go back far enough and you’ll find that porosity stems from the Greek word poros for “pore” which means passage.

That’s why when you apply an oil to your soles you can feel a difference throughout the body.

Its also important to first check in with your feelings so you apply the correct oil.

If you need a boost or lift me up, the spring blend, grapefruit, orange, etc will do the magic.

If you need a relaxant or something to unwind and de-stress, lavender, rose and others do the magic.

Some are stimulants while others are relaxants. It’s important to know which one your body needs so you don’t stimulate the system when it’s time to sleep or make it sleepy when it’s time for work.

Sometimes because there’s so much to do as part of our daily care, we forget the finer points but with all the recent atmospheric changes, my allodynia rocketed. So I reverted back to the collection of nervous system tranquilizers.

If you have allodynia, you know that water ir anything else that touches the skin is awful during a flare up. But sometimes relief is obtained by showering in the hottest water possible. It sort of burns the skin and temporarily drowns those chaotic signals that small fiber neuropathy creates. Thereafter applying an oil may calm the body to a certain extent.

I’ve made it part of my nightly routine because I also realised what a difference is makes when I stray from doing one or few things from my original regimen.

You learn the positive impact that missing ingredient played in your well-being and begin to appreciate its role.

So prior to this new life, I had a large collection of perfumes that would increase whenever there was a sale 🤣

But after Dysautonomia began, my body’s generalized sensitivity heightened. Strong perfumes trigger migraines so I’d opt for more soft and gentle fragrances. Yet still, when spraying these ontop of my clothes, not directly on the skin.. Any whiff felt like a chemical sensory overload on the brain.

Until now when being in public places and someone walks pass or leaves a perfume scent behind, I become dizzy, nauseous and out of sync.

So then I slowly invested in few aromatherapy perfumes. After applying it you automatically feel grounded with nature and close to mother earth.

Occasionally I opt for a normal perfume but generally prefer the alternative.

My aromatherapist who’s also a licensed Aromatologist blends oils according to your choice or need.

I’ve always been an aromatherapy fanatic, so over the years I collected and applied as required or directed if unsure. Especially Peppermint for migraines.

But certain ones like pure rose you don’t simply find around here. She imports them specially from Belgium and Switzerland. The oils are extracted and processed under strict authorization. When it comes into your hand, you can feel this is original. Nothing synthetic.

The rose blend let’s you fall asleep like a baby.

She has roller bottles and even exquisite gift bottles imported from Egypt.

Apart from perfumes, I don’t know if people are aware of a certified practitioner by the name of Charlyce Macoskey in the US, who compiled a book titled:

“Healing Gastroparesis Naturally”

Chalyce created a programmed treatment with a step by step protocol. Certain blends are applied om different areas of the body in order to target various symptoms. It helps to a large extent and I’ve read great testimonials. People have weaned off meds with some nasty side effects.

She also has a FB group which you can request to join or refer someone else

So the point is; if you’re permitted to use essential oils with no contraindications and all has been approved fine by your healthcare provider if he / she believes in it. Then go ahead and you will begin to marvel amd appreciate the wondrous forms of benefit placed for man in the universe.

Important note:

Aroma oils for ingesting cannot be ingested by people who are on anticoagulants such as warfarin. My cardiac capsule has an anticoagulant component which is okay to take along with ingesting oils because it’s not the actual warfarin.

(Overall, my entire combo of meds have been approved by medical Dr’s)

Aroma perfumes cannot be applied by pregnant woman. I’m unsure about women are breastfeeding.

So like I always caution or remind people – please do your homework thoroughly and seek guidance from professionals in the relevant fields of expertise before jumping onto something without any research.

I’m also here if you’d like to query further or be referred to someone in the appropriate field. Most welcome to ask away 💙

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