225 ~ Transformative tips – Part 6 ~

My pharmacist then responded with the following options to raise low blood pressure:

“Antistax tablets and gel
Venavine caps and cream
Paroven capsule
Also rehidrat to increase blood pressure”

Although I thought the first 3 options wouldn’t be so appropriate because it’s more for swollen legs, and the Tasly Danshen cardiac capsule prevents swelling, so Alhamdulillah I don’t have that issue.

Dr explained that it’s not necessarily restricted to swollen / heavy legs because the main job of those 3 is to get blood circulating in the vascular system, wherever it should be.

But Rehidrat became our first trial option.

The pharmacist at our local pharmacy recommended a particular rehidrat called Electropak. He said it’s of a very good quality.

We began first with one on a daily basis. Dr said if things improve and stay on a more steady, stable level, we can reduce it to one every alternate day & thereafter as required. But it depends on how I respond. She doesn’t want it to plummet down quickly. So according to the results, we’ll decide further.


Systolic went up to the 90s and diastolic went up to the 60s.

For the first time since working with me in 3 months, she observed an improvement of facial and nail pallor. Otherwise she said my face looks pale, colorless, and worn out.

She sees me often so she knows exactly what’s going on. When people don’t see you often and if you have light make-up or done a facial, automatically they think you look so well and radiant. But that’s an artifical outward color, not one resulting from the physical state within.

Because we accustomed to seeing ourselves all the time, we might not notice these finer points, but acquainted Dr’s are well are. Even though they might not mention it to us.

Rehidrat is honestly a super, instant boost! You don’t have to wait long to feel a difference.

From this I also learnt how “Dys bodies” cry for those extra minerals, electrolytes and fluids. If a normal body thrives on a balanced water intake, what about ours?!

Some of us loose fluids fast with urination because of weak bladders, but then Gastroparesis prevents us from replenishing the lost amount. This in turn leads to the worsening of hypovolemia and an overall exacerbation of symptoms.

Fluid therapy replacement is essential and one of the most vital aspects. It should be treated first when tackling a patient. But unfortunately it’s not taken seriously, nor addressed accordingly, once again, due to the lack of knowledge surrounding these disorders.

I cannot emphasize enough regarding the difference it makes.

Afterwards the pharmacy struggled to obtain new stock of Electropak, so I tried a few others 👇

This is a great tip as well

Fluids still prove a challenge from time to time when Gastroparesis flares up and liquids do not stay down for a few days. I become dehydrated quickly and its an ongoing battle getting someone to understand that I temporarily need assistance with IVs. Sometimes the things that maintain stability, fail us intermittently. Such is the nature of autonomic disorders.

It happened 2 weeks ago after 3 days of minimal fluid going and staying down. Blood pressure dropped and my pulse also started becoming faint from dehydration. Whoever saw me then, didn’t know what was going on but immediately realised my body was in a bad state. Alhamdulillah I recuperated after a couple of days.

But currently we are still searching for someone nearby who’ll accept the basic summary of my condition, and can avail his / herself to be a back-up in the event of an urgent situation.

Dr says the repetition of these flare ups, even though not daily, cannot continue without a back-up plan. Depending on how long a person remains dehydrated, the organs begin to take a major knock and sometimes damage occurs in the long term.

This is no exegeration because a major Gastroparesis flare up transpired in 2017 for a longer period. During that point, the Dr said my kidneys would’ve been damaged anytime had we not come in sooner.

Alhamdulillah no damage actually happened but that doesn’t dispell the need for IV administration when required.

I am also more relieved to note; after voicing myself like a broken tape recorder, finally after 4 years someone recognizes this to be a concerning matter, and is guiding me towards the rightful steps of access for these basic requirements.

Iv administration isn’t complicated, but it’s been made such. Many a time when someone doesn’t know what the term Dysautonomia entails, they back off altogether from having anything to do with you with the reason that’s it not within their capacity or field to assist…

However, we continue fighting on – until the time evolves where our concerns and needs are not frowned upon.

We educate ourselves so we can advocate for all affected individuals and initiate a change while praying with hope:

An easier and new beginning will slowly dawn

The vast challenges of now will become bygone