226 ~ Transformative tips – Part 7 ~

Headstands were also suggested but at that particular moment with the concern of suggesting something for low blood pressure, he probably missed the broader picture encompassing all my other co-existing conditions.

Headstands are not recommended in Dys scenario.

The discussion on Instagram went as follows –

My question and concerns:

It’s important to first seek few opinions and consulting with people who have experience in the relevant field before trying out something new or making a decision so you don’t end up with unnecessary complications.

Feedback one:




Dr also added that due to the blood vessels not being to constrict in order to hold or push blood around where necessary, besides the other hazards, once you’re out of a headstand position, all the blood that went up will most likely not hold in the head and fall right back to the bottom again. So you’ll basically end up with the same predicament.

After 4 years of a trying time with Hypotension, Alhamdulillah a wealth of information was gained and we reached a good solution. My BP challenge hasn’t vanished, it still fluctuates on daily basis and I have major drops, but alhamdulillah the difference is we now have guidance and know how to manage it more strategically.

Breathe a sigh of relief and another testimonial of ease after difficulty.

Since the BP became more stable, we could now move onto adding few more stretches / excercises.

More time consuming but worth all my while…