228 ~ A priceless gift ~

About a month ago I wanted to gift my nephew a sentimental artwork on the completion of his Qur’aan memorization but could not decide which particular thing would be nice. Eventually after much thought and hearing what others were gifting, I decided to pen down a concise but comprehensive message. Words are also a form of gifting that serve a lifetime remembrance.

During our childhood or teenage years, we don’t have the full capacity to always grasp the depths of advice imparted to us by our seniors. But once we grow into the adult years and move on from one phase to another, through the vast array of experiences we encounter, those advices given back in time have a magical way of returning to the fore and casting an effect.

So addressing my own self, the haafidh to whom it was originally presented, as well as all my students – the ones who have completed and the ones who are still undertaking this glorious journey..

You have been selected to receive a celestial gift. Will you open your arms to embrace it whole-heartedly?

This gift is not in need of us. It can also be taken away and remains wholly independent. We are in need of it to save us from destroying ourselves when the going becomes tough. With all other survival tools included it has been my foremost savior.

Therefore; never view it as a burden. If we take care of our Qur’aan, when we travel life through different tests and stages it will care for us at all times regardless of the circumstances. It will care for us when we in desperate need of such aid.

Qur’aan is a faithful companion during any situation. Unlike worldly relationships where people are loyal during moments of joy and abandon one at times of need.

Wallah, the Almighty be witness, from my collection of experiences outstretched over the course of this 5 year journey, the Qur’aan safeguarded me more than anything or anyone else possibly could. No one’s words would’ve granted me the amount of strength required to keep going on and fighting as the battles raged on and intensified.

Had it not been for this gift

I would’ve surely perished

There were times I knew I would’ve destroyed myself had it not been for the security in which it wrapped me.

There were times where the darkness overpowered and obscured my ability to see any flicker of light beyond.

There were times I would’ve probably let these veins bleed dry, thereby ending it all due to the deadening exhaustion.

But how? How could I ever destroy my own heart, a heart from among others wherein his word stays nestled.

A mercy. A gift. A friend.

The one that kept my spirit alive ❤

When we are little / young, the preciousness of this gift is taken for granted. Lets try to instill the precedence of it in our hearts. Don’t view the daily recitation as an extra task that needs to be rushed through hastily just so it can be ticked off as complete.

Cling onto it as you would with a loved one. Try your best to learn and understand the meaning of its message and you will become spellbound by the amount of jewels discovered in this ocean. Just like we spend endless hours in the company of our best friends / associates, make the Qur’aan your foremost friend and find enjoyment in the time spent together.

While I present these words unto you, the best of all friends has the most beautiful, eloquent, melodious, uplifting, healing, and comforting words to offer mankind. None can challenge or outdo its miraculous power.

الحمد لله الذى هدانا لهذا و ما كنا لنهتدي لولا ان هدانا الله

A few words my younger self would’ve liked:

Oh carrier of the Qur’aan; a young lad so fortunate

Oh haafidh unto whom Allah has been so affectionate

You’ve been endowed the value of a gift to which no worldly possession can equate

Even the mountains would tremble and split asunder from fear of the weight

No gift comes to a person by chance, it is only due to Allah’s wisdom and selection

So cherish the presence of a friend who will be at your side through joy and affliction

Indeed! What an honor it is to be among those who preserve Allah’s beautiful speech

And for all carriers who live up to their role, jannah is a destination they will reach


Prophet Muhammad (peace and salutations be upon him) صلى الله عليه وسلم said:

“On the day of judgement, it will be said to the man devoted to the Qur’aan, go on reciting the Qur’aan and continue ascending the storeys of Jannah (Paradise) and recite in the slow manner you had been reading in your worldly life; your final abode will be where you reach at the time of the last aayah of your recitation”

This merit and honor is attached to the quality of devotion. It has not been promised merely on the title of a haafidh/ah and thereafter leading a life contrary to the teachings placed for one’s own benefit.

The final crown of honor will be placed on the heads of those who depart from this world having lived up to their mighty roles

هنيئاً لنا العمل و الثواب

Previously dedicated to hifdh students 👇