231 ~ A unique promise ~

This respected uncle and talented artist lost his soul mate to cancer on the blessed day of Jumu’ah in the year 2014. May the Almighty elevate her status in the Jannah and continue granting صبر جميل to the family.

So I sat for countless hours throughout the next 4 months trying to think what can I possibly tell someone who is enduring the separation of a loved one?

How do I offer a few words whereas I haven’t traversed the time and route he has? It’s not in my position to do so, but perhaps a few couplets pertaining to the rewards we’ve been guaranteed, may provide the slightest form of solace.

I wrote few lines and scrapped it. Commenced again and scrapped it. This continued for a while until one night, an artery unblocked and the ink flowed…

When the seas are boisterous and the tides are relentless, you surmount one only to have more crash over, sometimes giving up might seem to be the most alluring option. Yet, a person still gets up and continues to flow with the tempo.

Even if you cannot see where the waves are taking you. Even if you have no idea how events will turn out – for the better or worst. Even if you do not know how much longer you’ll have to persevere. Even if there’s no flicker of light in the distance. Even when it seems like there’s no end to the pain.

Even if the pain is unbearable and does not evanesce with the passing of time. Be it the pain of separation, the pain of illness, the pain of abuse, the pain of poverty, the pain of whatever hardship it may be..

In spite of feeling pained, grieved, or perhaps numb to being and existing. You keep going for his sake because your soul is imbued with the spirit of faithfulness. You might have no idea why you’re still flowing along with the motions of life, but deeply rooted within lies a faithfulness towards your creator.

I do not know where the waves are leading me, but I’m going for you

And towards you

Above all – when my eyelids close at the end, it will only be us two

How then will he not be with you oh patient one? When one of his most beautiful attributes are:


The only constant on this earth who is All-embracing, encompasses everything, and has the sole attribute of being Omnipresent. He loves your faithfulness so much that not once, but several times a distinct assurance was made:

“Verily Allah is with the patient”

I hear when you silently moan

Be assured, you are not alone

I see your battle-scared hearts bearing affliction with patience

It is beyond my grandeur to forsake you oh my faithful servants

Your perseverance is beloved to me and in lieu of all you endure in this temporary sojourn, immeasurable rewards are being stored in the bank account of your afterlife.

One day you will be reunited in eternity, never to be separated again. Until then keep swimming through the waves of loss which are bound to thrust you off balance.

Your lungs will be densely diffused by salty water that will choke the breath out of your being, but you fight back at the force, lift your head up above the water and battle the odds. Sometimes you’ll float above just fine. Other times your heart will be weighed down and sink to the bottom in grief. Nevertheless you persevere through all the different seasons and emotions because:

“Verily Allah loves the patient ones”

“Those who are patient shall receive their rewards in full, without reckoning”

Patience doesn’t mean a person restrains oneself from feeling sadness and expressing it likewise. The prophets narratives illustrate this beautifully.

The rhythm of being human means bouncing the nature of life between joys that expand the heart in ways we cannot envision, versus pain that constricts our breath and makes us feel like we’re suffocating beneath the waves.

Our travel on this earth will not be any other way – where it excludes pain or struggle from the equation just like thorns cannot be separated from roses. Sometimes we grapple over the reasoning or logic behind circumstances. Why oh why?

“Because this earth is not Jannah and Jannah is worth it all. The forgotten, eternal reward built in lieu and according to one’s perseverance”

Sometimes you wonder why is such a grueling situation unfolding and you cannot foresee what the struggle is molding out of you. But one assurance is definite; it’s preparing your jannah.

Gone ahead are countless precious souls whom our hearts will continue to miss –

Until we too return home and thereby reunite, it will be a cause for unending bliss

The day is to come where your sight will be cooled with a Paradise that no eye has ever seen, no ear has heard the likes of, nor has it crossed the heart / mind of a human being

Oh faithful spirited soul: Your position and speciality became different

When Al-Waasi’ – The omnipresent repeatedly assured: “Verily he is with the patient”

For no other virtuous deed has this unique promise been made

Besides the one who’s perseverance amid the struggle does not fade

Glad-tidings to those who swim through the waves of loss with patience

Indeed! You are loved, and will be recompensed without measure, in abundance

ان الله لا يخلف الميعاد

A unique promise from;

A guarantor who’s word never fails

A king who’s benevolence prevails

What’s the point of going on through the same day by day?


Man has no other worldly constant

Besides الواسع – The Omnipresent

(These 6 couplets were penned down after 4 months of contemplation. The pencrafting duration totalled approximately 4 weeks. The explanation and deeper insight with which the couplets were initially written, is now being published after another few weeks of solitude thoughts and experiences)

ربنا تقبل منا إنك أنت السميع العليم و تب علينا انك انت التواب الرحيم

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