235 ~ Unveiling the invisibility – 2/2 ~

Important notes on Gastroparesis

Do I eat and feel both or do I not eat and still feel both
Early satiety

During Gastroparesis flares, the administration of intravenous saline or ringers solution takes precedence. Countless trials, reports, surveys, and testimonials prove the effectiveness of intravenous saline for Dysautonomia on a normal weekly basis. Hence, there shouldn’t have to be an unending debate on whether a person qualifies for it during a flare crisis.

One such article below was handed over to me by a group member who’s a Dysautonomia patient and practicing Dr 


When having a discussion on this topic not too long ago, the CEO of RDSA also informed us that https://medwell.co.za/ has infusion centers and home arrangements can also be conducted within a certain radius. The only requisite is a doctors referral to provide a summarized explanation of your condition with the guidelines of cautions and risks associated.

But once again, we require the assistance of a Dr or physician who’s willing to enlighten themselves on the broader situation in order to lend a hand or direct a letter via a nurse. With rare conditions a nurse cannot administer a drip bypassing the guidelines of a Dr because of the risks involved.

My neurologist who lives on the other end of SA can issue a letter based on his clinical findings, but similar to the disability approval benefits, these type of letter referrals cannot be issued from an examination conducted 3 years ago. The report has to be written out according to your present state from a recent assessment.

If readers know or can suggest someone who has the ability to assist in terms of an IV set-up, please inform us. We appreciate professionals who are willing to step ahead and come on board our Dys list of a specialist recommendations. Insisting we should “just drink rehidrat” – does not help because your stomach is emptying all the contents and you’re remaining dehydrated to the point of having no urine to pass in a time frame beyond 24 hours! 

The whole situation becomes messy here because none of the meds stay down. Not even rehidrat or the ones for Gastroparesis. Even if a portion stays down, it’s not sufficient so the body crashes. Blood pressure drops, dizziness overtakes, and syncopes threaten. Erratic uncoordinate pulse rates. Extreme weakness. Migraines sometimes.

Unlike a healthy person who may fall ill, our bodies easily loose whatever was stored due to their daily limited nutritional supply. Replenishing and conditioning takes times again afterwards. We then work on phasing into a liquid diet step by step, before trying to introduce anything else.

Nonetheless, backup is crucial! But not everyone of us have the fortune of a full medical team on their side. It demands time and many years. We have to persist Dys fight to build one until we come right. Our aim is to educate and raise awareness so the current numbers of years can be reduced.

We appeal to professionals from all fields who are interested in being enlightened further, if possible and your circumstances permit, please order a copy of The Dysautonomia Project book. We will be glad to order and get it delivered to you as well. This is one book that contains a wealth of pivotal information between its 2 cover pages and recommended for every physician globally let alone countrywide!

Below are excerpts from the book regarding the topic of IV saline 👇

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