239 ~ Transformative tips – Part 10 ~

In part 9 I forgot to add one old and two recently discovered tips for Gastroparesis


In terms of abdominal pain or intestinal cramps, I remembered the Pegasus blue box emergency kit which has an antispasmodic complexes. Honestly! It’s been a total lifesaver because when this pain rockets, it claws you down to the ground and no exegeration when I say nothing – hot water bottle, heat packs, ginger tea, none of it alleviates the intensity. But pegasus homeopathic complexes anti-spasm 200c works like no other! Lol, it even became my bed companion. Sometimes when spasms escalate during the night and I can’t move to fetch the pillules, it’s easier having it at my side.

Disclaimer: Remember to always seek advice from your health care practitioner before taking anything new, even if natural or homeopathic.

Testimonial from a paramedic regarding Pegasus


In part 2 of transformative tips I wrote about the Muscle Wellness Vegan Protein shake.. Just as I settled on taking it, we struggled to find stock at Dischem stores country-wide.

Doc and I were both cheated online by a so called company called supplements for women. Money was paid but no delivery of the powder, nor any response to emails, calls, so I reported them on Hello Peter. Meanwhile, continuing my search, I came across another site called Supplement World. They had reviews of the same powder but I was hesitant to order again online after being caught in a scam the first time.

Then we came across mini sachets of Biogen Very Vanilla by Lisa Raleigh. The ingredients didn’t list an allergy substance so I done a trial. Since seeing the results were good and it didn’t elicit an adverse digestive reaction, we bought the tin which seems to be newly released as I haven’t seen this particular type on the shelves before.

The tin has an estimation of servings written so you can gauge approximately how long it’ll last, depending on how often it will be taken.

I don’t follow the scoop amounts as directed on the tin because the consistency becomes too thick and wont digest. So in about one glass of milk, we put about one or one and a half teaspoons of the shake with a dash of cacoa powder and coconut sugar as a sweetener. Blend together and drink in slow portions.

Supplement shakes tested me for four years. While shopping, we’d end up spending time in the aisles doing an ingredient check along with my own kind of research based on suggestions and medical information. Lisa Raleighs is therefore viewed as a huge blessing and form of ease after the continous chain of disappointments from others that didn’t agree with my body in some way or another.

I also realised my muscles seemed to be ‘crying’ for an additional source of protein since it doesn’t receive much from my daily diet with food options being limited. When I commenced the Muscle Wellness brand, muscle fatigue, spasms and hangovers reduced. But when it finished these symptoms returned into full swing.

On another note: If you see the ingredients here, it’s definitely more power-packed than MW. There are few different types to choose from and I’m relieved to know my body is substituted with a fair share of minerals and vitamins in place of stuff I cannot eat.


Normal vinegar, date – preferably ajwaa date vinegar or another pleasant tasting pomegranate vinegar I found last year on Faithful To Nature online. Also available at Wellness Warehouse.

Any of the 4 helps reduce nausea to a significant extent. So if you’re able to eat something where vinegar can be sprinkled over or combined, try and see how it works for you. Sometimes without eating anything, sucking little at a time from a teaspoon or bowl also quells nausea. A lot! I spoke about tamarind before, but vinegar is an addition I forgot to include.

All digestive and food matters done with thus far, we now move onto another edition of “Breathe your best…”

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