243 ~ Transformative tips – Part 12 ~

I traveled back and forth different lanes from one hospital, to one doctor, and yet another. It was exhausting. Physically and emotionally it left me drained. Majority of the time I returned frazzled from this vicious and seemingly unending cycle.

Until the overseer who’s vision encompasses everything, saw the exhaustion which sometimes consumed my willpower along with my set reasons to continue the fight.

The frustration within me would scream and ask what’s the point of going on? What’s the point of existing and pursuing a better quality of life in a place and time where the entire community is clueless and no one is educated about whatever ‘this thing is’

Renewed reasons attached in chapter


But then an unexpected day came and life thereafter was no longer the same

I was bestowed with a Dr nearby who’d apply her all and try her utmost best to fight for me when my body reached its weakest.

So no matter how severe my symptoms rage from time to time, and no matter how often I’m compelled to go in for weekly treatments.. It is less taxing and more over; the results are fruitful Alhamdulillah.

When he sees the long term worn-out state of our bodies

A specific time is chosen to send down special mercies

In the previous chapters of transformative tips I alluded to ‘tape’. What tape is it you ask? I have already explained the mechanism of why and how the tape works 👇


so won’t repeat the information again. But its used for a variety of conditions and people, sportsman included.

Two weeks ago I noticed increased pressure specifically around the heart (not lungs) and thought I might have over-exerted in some way. But then wondered what’s going on after realising I hadn’t actually done anything different from the ordinary to bring on additional pressure.

It then progressed toward the left side of the neck, whereby the veins began throbbing and jutting out upon any physical work – including speech and turning the head. The muscles felt like it knotted around my throat. So I scheduled an appointment without delay and went.

Dr then examined and found the problem to be with my scarlene muscles. Due to the extra chest pressure associated with pain, breathing became heavier than ‘my normal’ and in turn it affected these muscles which form part of the upper accessory respiratory muscles.

What are the Scarlene muscles?

She manipulated, adjusted, and done whatever was needed then taped the neck and shoulder to hold the treatment in place. Sometimes after going home; once you return into the motion of daily work, the muscles which were just treated can swing out of place again so the tape gives input to the nervous system to calm down.

She also suspected a bit of fluid buildup around the heart which is known as Pericardial Effusion. Not an acute case which requires drainage and other forms of intervention.

Fluid buildup around the heart can be suspected / detected prior to imaging by means of a stethoscope and tapping an area on the chest in a particular way. But Alhamdulillah it seemed to be okay, not worsening at present.

Note: Pericardial Effusion is an excess amount of fluid buildup in the sac-like structure around the heart (pericardium). Unlike Pulmonary Edema – which is fluid retention in the lungs.

The pericardium has 2 layers and the space between the layers normally contains a thin layer of fluid. If it is diseased or injured, the resulting inflammation can lead to access fluid. It can also be affected without inflammation such as bleeding from chest trauma.

Alhamdulillah thus far we are still in the ‘safe zone’ but she advised me not to strain my chest excessively lest the pressure increases and an unforeseen complication steps in..

It’s important not to be anxious or overthink threatening situations, but at the same time – its also highly important you are made aware of the forewarning signs if you are at risk of developing or falling prey to acute Pericardial Effusions.

Im the case of complex Dysautonomias, no matter how stable you’ve been for a while or how ‘okay’ you’re doing at the present moment, the reality is our conditions can take a sudden drastic twist from green zone to red zone, a crash, or code blue within minutes. Hence, it’s important to be equipped with knowledge, always wear your medical alert band, have important numbers on speed dial, caretakers should be trained and prepared on how to deal swiftly with a life-or-death scenario.

Every now and again we come face to face with our own mortality and it reminds us to cherish the gift of living and breathing…

اللهم اجعل خير عمرى آخره

و خير عملي خواتمه

و خير ايامي يوم القاك فيه

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