246 ~ Goodness upon goodness ~

A long overdue tribute to certain senior scholars, family members, parents friends, my own, and several others who go all out to support us in each of their respective ways.

I sat with the strayed ends of this draft for weeks on end asking the bestower of speech to let the appropriate words flow so that even though this one little chapter is inadequate and doesn’t serve complete justice, it can perhaps mirror just a glimpse of the joy mingled with overflowing gratitude contained in this heart.

من لم يشكر الناس لم يشكر الله

“He who is not thankful to man is not grateful to his creator”

My heart is indebted and deeply moved by the compassion of seniors whos characteristics outweigh

No matter how far I go or to what extent I endeavor to reciprocate, my efforts cannot repay

Wide-ranging care and sincere generosity defined by no ulterior motives or niggard boundaries

From medical bills payed anonymously, thoughtful packages of fresh produce and finely baked goodies

To medication arranged abroad and crates laden with coconut water for electrolytes on a weekly basis

All the prayers, assistance, and kindness, brightens my rare journey and makes it less arduous

So there is no better way other than praying; specially taking each ones respected name

For without these godsend saintly souls, life’s significance cannot be the same

Their names are engraved on the pages of my history, never to be forgotten

While ink flows on the scrolls of angels; eternal rewards being written

Daily, I beseech the Most-Generous to imbue their lives with manifold ease and serene

May the king of all kings shower upon them his choicest treasures from the unseen

“Is the reward for good anything but good?” a striking verse of Surah Rahmaan says

Nay! Your softness exclusively placed for us in the souls of others never fails to amaze

Oh rabb! In accordance to your words, lessen their difficulties, let their joys multiply

Adorn the highest ranks of paradise, for they are your chosen ones who qualify

In both worlds let your mercies and blessings cascade upon them in limitless amounts

At the endmost; usher them with greetings of peace towards the good yield in their accounts

How many a time have similar praises been repeated: “Surely Allah loves the good doers”

“Peace be upon you, you have done well, so enter therein forever as dwellers”

امين يا رب العالمين

فجزاهم الله عنا افضل الجزاء

The first moments in Jannah, it will be said to the occupants:

“Peace be upon you, you have done well, so enter therein forever as dwellers”

May the Almighty include us among those who will also hear it


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