248 ~ Light on the horizon – Part 1 ~

Flight talk became a foregone topic in the distance until 14 months subsequent to a debated emergency declaration. Life’s wildest journeys unfolded…

Modified version of the original publication on JANUARY 15 2018

(Unnamed) An experienced senior pulmonologist:

“I have retired recently, but can help you with an honest opinion. I suspect Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH) or another pulmonary disease apart from Respiratory Distress Syndrome & the rest of her conditions. Although I’ve not seen her, according to the symptom description I doubt RDS is the only major factor here.

To be honest, there is another pulmonologist who is known as THE best in the country as far as expertise is concerned. But he also turns people in north, south, east, west, & many different directions. I would not recommend someone like him for a case like hers.

My own son is a pulmonologist.. To tell you the utmost truth, going to any pulmonologist in Gauteng will not help. You will be wasting time which is not on your side. Any one of them will say straight there’s nothing we can do even if they find a correct diagnosis.

If her neurologist is in Cape Town, you need to phone him back & tell him I said she needs to get onto the flight as soon as possible to the pulmonary clinic in Groote Schuur hospital which is most advanced in terms of research & treatments in the country.

This is an urgent situation & her neurologist needs to attend to it immediately once he gets back to practice on Thursday.

I advise again; this is serious, time should not be wasted from the mention of her current symptoms…!”

Discussions among the two doctors & my family members were underway. Trying to consider the entire picture which holds a variety of multiple conditions one interlinking the other..

If there is no other option as the drs say, this will have to be a risk taken after taking all the necessary aspects and arrangements into consideration.

I gave my consent of being ready to go ahead if that’s what it has to take, but we still require full clarity regarding certain concerns before we reach or conclude on a complete final decision.

Still overtaken by the entire state of affairs, I reach out for advice to a trusted medic who responded with the following assurance and affirmation:

If the only help you are going to get is cape town.. Then traveling to cape town is on the horizon.

Positive thought heading your way….you got this!”

Attached with a precious image below – to symbolize hope, light, love, and support ✨

5:15 AM ✒📒

Life takes a sudden twist within the blink of an eye

I do not question why but let out a resigned sigh

While the birds cheerful and early chirrups emit

The fresh morning breeze evokes hope within my spirit

Cock-doodle-doo! I hear the rooster crow

As apprehensive thoughts travel to and fro

An extemporary two hour journey up into the sky

Incertitude overtakes; should I or shouldn’t I?

Quite a dilemma from different angles but not much of an option

Perhaps I have to just go along with unwavering conviction

Reassuring myself to breathe and chin up the title of brave

It’s within your capability to do this, take it wave by wave

Seek blessings, place your trust, and step onboard

Remember the miraculous power of your merciful lord

Who split land into sea and sticks into snakes

His plans are fully perfected and carry no mistakes

So take it as the beginning of a new adventure

Cape Town may herald you towards a brighter future

Now fling away any trace of fear and grasp firmly onto courage

None of it is happening without divine wisdom and knowledge

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and afraid

But Allah is with us and always at our aid

You have no alternative but to opt for an unexpected risky pathway

Pray for a successful journey, once the plane aviates off the runaway

Fear is a reaction

Courage is a decision.

– Winston Churchill

While telephonic consultations and arrangements are underway, let us make this decision more fun-filled than it ought to be. Thoughts are scattered and I wonder if my neurologist will concur to the above plans. Should we get the bookings and accommodation sorted?

Breathe.. Khadeeja, just breathe..

This might be the best move you can make

Even though it makes your insides shake

If we have been brought to this juncture, we shall be taken through it whichever way is best…

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