249 ~ Light on the horizon – Part 2 ~

16 January 2018

The call to my neuro is scheduled earlier that day. Bated breaths as his phone rings and the knot in my gut tightens with a silent Alhamdulillah once he answers and listens attentively to the latest developments.

Dr U: “Was he also suggestive of PH?”

At the same time you cannot fly to Cape Town without obtaining an opinion from a pulmonologist in Gauteng. Whoever the person may be, does not matter, but it’s a requisite for one pulmonologist to first assess the situation at hand and write a referral or transfer towards Groote Schuur.

Me wondering with reluctance: This is 100% logical. But the pulmonologist said our time will be wasted and we’ll find no luck in that regard so how then do we go about a local referral?

Dr U continues: My suggestion is; she should also consult with Prof R in order to recieve a cardiology report as well. Then forward both opinions to me and we can discuss or finalize the next step based on their findings.

Agreeing but not making my reluctance evident at the contrast of the two main sought suggestions. We switch to arranging an appointment with Prof R for cardiology and a kind relative speedily arranged an appointment with a pulmonologist tomorrow morning. Thankfully the duo rotate shifts at the same hospital so there might be good fortune on my side.

This particular pulmonologist said he can push me in urgently at 2:00 today but the consult will be within 15 minutes so we’ll miss it because of the distance from my residence to the hospital.

I guess I gotta deal with whatever demeanor comes my way. I didn’t ask to start a new string of Drs. Destiny spread out the way it did and we have no option but to swim in the direction we’re being led…

ربنا آتنا من لدنك رحمة و هيئ لنا من امرنا رشدا

Everything’s happening in swift motion. Note preparation, getting ready for what might be a long day ahead, and the possibility of packing for a flight with an unknown duration of travel. I have no time to fully process the sequence of events until reality of the senior pulmonologists wise words strike the next morning.

Foretold exactly two days prior to this rapid consultation, his words resound in my ears loud and clear…

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