253 ~ Light on the horizon – Part 6 ~

Not long after, Dr U final word coincides with my incertitude…

“I’m at Gatesville medical center and to get entry or admitted into Groote Schuur you require coordination between professionals from both sides. They won’t accept you in as a patient if you don’t have an official letter with a signature to prove you were told to come.”

Now since seeing these two Drs who we thought could’ve made an arrangement, didn’t in fact lead us anywhere. None of this is going to work out. We cannot aim a shot in the dark without a concrete proper plan of action. Everything’s out of order and it doesn’t look like Cape Town is going to materialize so for the time being, please drop this taxing dilemma.

A shoulder aching burden was lifted and I released a freeing breath of relief tangled with suspense at the thought of what next and which direction do we take now?

Make do with the medication and devices that keep me going. Don’t force anything. Let matters unfold and take the course they’re destined to be…

ان معي ربي سيهدين

“Surely my lord is with me and he will guide me

My rabb is the Most-Merciful who opens doors of blessings I never knew existed

As night alternates into day, he will send forth miraculous means of being assisted

So continue onwards oh weary soul and forget not; beautiful changes can happen

By virtue of faith and from avenues we cannot even begin to think or imagine

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