260 ~ Light on the horizon – Part 9 ~

2nd December 2019

My eyes fluttered open to the morning sun streaming through the blinds. I sat up slowly to stabilize the blood in my head not suspecting any exciting events to arise let alone having made plans, when my family walked into the room hurriedly to discuss some work that required a trip to Port Elizabeth but the flight had to be booked within a deadline of 20 minutes.

I listened and then thought out aloud:

Let’s go together?

Why don’t I join?

They looked at me with astonishment and responded to my question with another:

Are you ready to take a flight?? If your heart says yes then by all means. We will be more than happy because it’s an opportunity for you to do treatment as well by Dr Y but are you sure?

Well, I think at this point in time I’m feeling spontaneous and thrilled to chance the risks while being aware my lungs may or may not decline further due to a lower level of altitude pressure locally as compared to international travel.

Although I haven’t planned anything, I have also applied my all by seeking external means to reach my dreams and doing one year of hard-core pulmonary rehabilitation to get these lungs more stable than they were December 2018, so the odds are in my favor.

If this flight goal is achieved it can become a stepping stone towards the main aspiration. So my heart feels positive unlike previous times where there was extensive deliberation and incertitude. Being deterred by trustworthy Drs was for my own benefit and protection. But considering the present timing now, intuition says take a leap into the air.

A voice within spoke

Considerable resistance has been built in this one year so break free from any fears that hold you back. Let them fly away as you soar onto the horizon and absorb the mesmerizing beauty of picturesque skies surrounded by naturally sculptured dunes as the waves lap over in a tuneful rhythm.

We got Dys!

Say Bismillah and confirm the tickets. Let’s see what transpires. When it’s closer to the flight date, an overall check-up will affirm the final go ahead.

I stared in disbelief at my name on the ticket confirmation thinking it surreal..

Someone pinch me awake

A 90 minute flight but what has it taken?

Three years of fighting for multiple morbidities

Three years of seeking knowledge amd expertise

Three years of being my own researcher

Three years of waiting with hope that waxed and waned

Above all else, this trip would not come into existence had it not been for the medical personnel who played a pivotal role in my journey. Their guidance and care lightened the way so I could find a direction through the unknowns.

All praises to my creator and due credit to every person who assisted by trying to resolve the intricacies and making this most exhilarating adventure possible.

Life’s biggest achievements are not won easily or overnight. They happen after a period of struggle, patience, fortitude, and resilience. Grasping onto your dreams and fighting for them will incur injuries to your hands and spirit that cannot be avoided. So rest, give them time to heal and begin anew.

I held tight to the things that kept my fighting spirit alive and didn’t let go even when one door after another was closed.

I sought new doors and means for my dreams to become light..

And eventually after three years of struggle we took flight!

Having to decide within a short span of time, we thought to set dates from the 30th of Jan until 10th Feb but then shifted it to the 23rd of Jan – 3rd Feb

و الله خير الماكرين

And Allah is the best of planners

Beyond any doubt

Beyond our control he planned the finest details to my benefit

These specific dates allowed me to gain full advantage of the climate

فباي آلاء ربكما تكذبن

So which of the favors of your rabb can you deny?

In one little transition

I see utter perfection

We didn’t have much reason of shifting the dates other than thinking if perchance the weather in Saudi Arabia is still cool after our return from PE, we can attempt an umrah trip…

Oh lost soul: Whenever you feel confused, fearful, or stuck in a situation, remember الهادي – the guide who will lead you to clarity, answers, and direction. The one who placed a mutual feeling in our hearts to set those specific dates so the weather would conform to my body’s temperament.

In hindsight, had we departed on the 30th, there might have been no enjoyment because the heatwave that struck the day prior to our return, would have flared me up badly and spared little to no energy for exploring and sight-seeing.


The only one immortal being who’s infinite love has no bounds

When we ponder over our lives, the nature of it purely astounds

Now the packing fun

Had just begun!

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