264 ~ Newfound hope ~

Assalaamu alaikum / Hi respected readers. Apologies for my long absence on the blog (as usual) due to health delays. A lot has happened in the past two weeks so in order to enlighten you properly, Light On The Horizon will be paused until possible to resume. For now the most recent and important events take precedence.

A twist of events…

Destiny unfolds in peculiar ways. Doors are opened via places and people we never once imagined. This time it takes us back to December 2020 when a close family friend was critical in hospital with Covid-19 and we had to keep in touch with a professor from the team of professionals who were handling his case.

This specific professional had assisted me a great deal with ward transfers in 2017 when I was admitted to Charlotte Maxeke. However, since the diagnosis wasn’t yet official at the time, help was limited with everyone being mostly clueless.

After reaching out to enquire regarding the family friend, a connection sparked again after three and a half years. Professor remembered me and asked regarding my current condition. We then explained the official diagnosis and a brief synopsis of whatever transpired since he last saw me.

Having heard the term Dysautonomia / Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome for the very first time, prof became intrigued and requested me to send a video that explains what is POTS

(Attached herein 👇 Tap to play / watch)

After watching the video with keen interest he called back to inquire if I would agree to meet with him on a one-to-one basis to discuss matters further…

I was stunned and readily agreed because its not often that we’re called in by a Dr willing to learn more and lend a helping hand..

The date was set and I could not be more elated because this was a senior professional who specializes as an Intensivist (ICU). He has all authority to pull the strings in directions that are desired. So if he is educated about Dysautonomia it will be a means of increasing the possibility for change in the medical fraternity where most needed, as well as to the advantage of many others since seeing POTS cases are inevitably going to arise with the covid surge.

Without much delay a week later I step into the premises with great eagerness and newfound hope! It had been 18 months since I agreed to meet with a relatively ‘new’ Dr, but moreover – one who took an interest in hearing how this condition develops and all that it entails…

Oh afflicted soul:

The next time you find yourself in despair wondering how much longer?

Then repeat the following verse to yourself with certainty and remember

“When will the help of Allah arrive? Unquestionably, the help of Allah is near”

It may take months or years but in ways beyond our imagination, miracles appear

متى نصر الله

الا ان نصر الله قريب

The very same words that flashed in front as I drifted in and out of consciousness when my body went into organ failure 4 weeks later…

Indeed the help of Allah was near ⏳

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