270 ~ A new lease of life ~


Before the crack of dawn, my eyes opened effortlessly peering around the darkness for a sip of cold water to moisten a parched throat and loosen my tongue which had dried up and gotten stuck to the palette.

Mouth dryness, in particular, is a sign of low blood sugar and it doesn’t necessarily indicate diabetes because several other factors contribute towards low glucose levels such as Gastroparesis or in this scenario – hypovolemic shock that made every organ function drop. Since I had been resuscitated only a few hours earlier, we couldn’t expect it to be normal because the body required time to stabilize fully.

Much to my delight, the Zofran already kicked in so Zam Zam went down smoothly without any discomfort.

A crisp breeze blew into the room ushering a new lease of life as the first streaks of blue light unfolded onto the skyline where a flock of birds glided along chirping their way through the cool air beautifying my view and intake at a world in which everything sounded completely anew. From the pleasing voices of loved ones to the seemingly simple sight of summer’s greenery outside, I marveled at the inner rhythm of feeling a life pulsate throughout my body.


My wish has been fulfilled and I will seize the most from being alive

Time is indeterminable and we know not when our ending may arrive

A stanza from one of Zain Bhikas nasheeds played in my mind:

“We all live the illusion of many days to come

Not realizing that tomorrow lies with Allah the only one

The only one”

Cherish today because none of us know

What destiny has in store for tomorrow

What if another tomorrow wasn’t ordained and how would the return journey have been if, by divine will, my body didn’t respond to the paramedic’s laborious intervention?

A natural question that lingers in the back of one’s mind…

We always maintain hope but we also have no definite guarantee or clear assurance of being revived successfully if perchance my eyes close into the realm of blackness and do not open again like the many times it has.

I then recalled the following quotation posted recently by a friend:

Gastroparesis causes life-threatening and potentially fatal consequences. If we are to cease as a result of this condition, the merit guaranteed is one of great comfort.

Holding the Qur’aan onto my chest I whispered:

Oh faithful companion nestled within all four chambers of my heart

You’re the only one who’ll accompany me when the time comes to depart

Before I was swallowed into the fast-moving billows of pitch blackness, your mellifluous words being played out in the strikingly slow and captivating voice of Qaari Abdul Baasit Abdus Samad instilled unmoving calmness amid this health crisis.


My only source of solace and effulgent hope

Your words inspirit me with strength to cope

As we go about in pursuit of an experienced and cooperative professional nearby, I seek your assistance and trust your overpowering mercy to make a way for us just as countless other doors were opened.

و اذا استعنت فاستعن بالله

Raise your hands towards the heavens and remember the one who is in control of this entire universe will never let his creation return from prayer empty-handed

I’ve seen Duaa reach places our minds cannot perceive

And backup sent in ways we never thought we’d receive

I’ve seen duaas being accepted after years of not giving up on a request

The lengthy wait is to nurture our faith until he sends down the best

I’ve seen duaas become a reality with long-sought treatment

And my heart is overtaken by complete astonishment

Assistance comes from none

Except by the command of one

و ما النصر الا من عند الله

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