272 ~ Undreamt assistance ~

My eyes welled with tears as I gazed wondrously in a dreamlike manner at the life-saving power-packed infusion hanging on the stand next to my bed. It had been the first time after five long onerous years where a doctor was proactive and recognized the need to prevent another bout of hypovolemic shock when I developed a chest infection and became dehydrated again.

Instead of being asked for “proof”, doubted, disbelieved, or having to convince him like in the past, time moved on for the better and prof insisted two bags of ringers lactate (LR) should be administered as soon as possible. If my local medic was unavailable, two others were put on stand-by for an immediate call-out.

ان ربك على كل شيء حفيظ

Surely my rabb is a protector over everything

In the past, our concerns were never taken seriously to the point where I avoided seeking help in dire circumstances when certain health matters slid downhill beyond control. Those ridiculing voices have a way of replaying whenever the situation demanded me to reach out for professional help.

If it came to a final push with no option left in my hands, I’d wait until the very last minute to call for help with hesitancy hovering over my brain, apprehensive that whoever responds might not deem me serious enough and what I know to be an emergency will be brushed aside under the pretext of some false mental issue.

However, as I mentioned in chapter 269 the first two paramedics who attended to me pointed out that we called them too late and cautioned us against playing with time to the point when every minute becomes crucial for the chances of survival.

The medical band I’ve been wearing for three years also played an important role by speaking for me when I could not. Family members were around to explain my conditions alongside its complications but when you’re in organ failure and people are frantic, their minds go blank and they tend to jumble up terms which can be laughable when it’s not a life-threatening situation.

However, during an emergency, any sort of incorrect information given mistakenly makes all the difference to the paramedic’s plan of intervention.

Example – Pulmonary Embolism being used instead of Pulmonary Edema. These are two different conditions. One is a clot in the lung and the other is blood-tinged fluid in the (alveolar) air sacs.

The phrasing of rarely known or rare terms matters. It’s important to simplify or briefly elaborate on a term that is important but not commonly known.

One medic didn’t know what was Gastroparesis and POTS. Gastroparesis often causes a lot of complications so I added Dysmotility in brackets which should be easier for quick understanding.

The company I ordered my band from is called Ice Tags. They have a variety of styles to choose from and the pink paracords look less medical while doing their job by striking attention at the same time especially when medics are working on your arms – checking vitals and assessing for veins.

The plates on the slim band can always be changed and if the band gets worn out it can be replaced but the durability is great.

The engraving doesn’t fade and all three paramedics who attended to me at different times took photos of the information to keep on their phones so it can be sent to other colleagues in case someone else is dispatched to assist me while they’re on another call-out.

It made life super easy and relieving to know family members did not have to waste time by searching in a bag or pocket for a card and not find it at a time most needed.

Time is ever-changing and as the days turn around you will see

Some battles which might seem unending now will not always be

Because He is Allah

فإن هو الله

The controller who transitions day into night on its fixed minute

How marvelous does the sun rise and set on timing so accurate

Similarly along the course of life’s trialsSurely. Allah. Brings. Relief

At a precise point unbeknown to us, special mercies phase-out grief

Because He is Allah

فإن هو الله

When I questioned if there was any glimmer of hope in sight?

How much longer do we continue in the same old painful plight

Qur’aan comforted my heart and I continued calling his majestic name

Until light beamed five years later when astounding expertise came

Because He is Allah

فإن هو الله

One who hears desperation in the voices of his beloveds when they plead

After one’s patience is acceptance and all blessings guaranteed

Because He is Allah

فإن هو الله

The one who’s mercy encompasses everything

و رحمتي وسعت كل شيئ

اللهم لك الحمد و لك الشكر كما ينبغي لجلال وجهك و عظيم سلطانك

و ان يمسسك الله بضر فلا كاشف له الا هو

و ان يمسسك بخير فلا راد لفضله

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