273 ~ Logo legacy ~

From your three ambassadors here @dys_support_sa, we were thrilled to announce and mark the


As a significant day in taking our Dysautonomia Support structures forward and being officially recognized by one special emblem which made its way from behind the scenes to the front of your screens after the dearest and kindest Kara literally spent 6 months patiently discussing, explaining, and taking me through the entire process step by step as she worked on a strikingly timeless representation for

(DSSA) Dysautonomia Support South Africa

This emblem gifted to us carries great meaning in the thought line of design. Hence, it is only appropriate to explain the background message in order for people to appreciate its beauty:

The flower set above is called an Amaryllis which is a symbol of determination, beauty, and love.

The Victorians associated amaryllis with strength and determination because of their height and sturdiness.

Amaryllis can also mean success, and are commonly given as gifts of hard-won achievement.

It is a Greek female name that means “to sparkle”.

If you notice, we preferred the ends of the flower to be set in an artsy style without being smoothed because it shows the realism of nothing being 100% perfect. Slight flaws are relatable to all.

The logo is not based on a flower, it’s about the person behind who’s ragged heart repaired in nature, blossoming through gardening and plants.

It’s about the individuals who should be recognized for the strength it takes to power through a myriad of debilitating symptoms each day.

It’s about healthcare advocates who’s mission and determination for change should be supported.

It’s about being a pillar to one another and extracting the inner sparkle that so often gets buried away under the weight of illness.

It’s about nurturing the beauty inherent in every one of our beings and not making people with disabilities feel less-than.

It’s about cheering one another’s hard-won achievements.

It’s about spreading love and light to whomsoever we can reach.

Energy doesn’t die. It is generated and transfered onwards to others. My fervent hope is for this labor of love and logo legacy to prosper until the end of time

Illness doesn’t mean we’re no longer an asset to society and that we should be left to wither away in one corner. I see much potential and skills our fighters can offer the world and thereby empower or serve their communities. But it’s difficult to do so if you’re not being treated seriously and your symptoms are not managed well enough.

Our scope for work is inhibited and we’re unable to utilize our remaining capabilities. By caring for the ill and rendering ones medical services, it enables many of us to maximize the very best out of our stay on earth. I testify with each healthcare provider who plays a role in my range of treatments.

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