274 ~ A key discovery ~


Every year on the aforementioned date the calender halts me in my tracks and I rewound time back to my 19 year old self who was once blissfully oblivious to the rare realm into which she would be hurled…

Would she have known that perhaps this ravaging illness was a subtle answer to few duaas made two months prior to the onset of the above date after observing an inflow of sudden tragedies ranging from accidents to burglaries

Oh Allah do not sieze me suddenly or take me in a way where I am “unprepared”

Oh Allah return us to you in a manner where our hearts are filled with your love

Oh Allah allow me more time in the company of my ageing parents

Would she have been given an inkling these three duaas might be accepted contrary to any straight forward expectations and in a manner only her creator decided appropriate…

How often do we express our innermost desires whether aloud or discreet while having one particular notion of it rising towards the heavens with an answer being sent down as viewed in our limited vision. When in fact, our requests are given a response according to the vast and all-encompassing nature of Allah’s knowledge.

In one instance my request for more answers were delivered when a key discovery appeared on scene six years after more research from leading autonomic experts came to the fore. As we study my condition with a magnified compass, one specified childhood symptom makes the underlying answer distinct.

It is no surprise; as long as household members recall my childhood and as long as I remember myself being a kid, no other immediate or extended family member, friend and classmate experienced inordinate hydrosis the way I did. From showering every single day to drinking sufficient water and using the most highly recommended antiperspirant, in totality it was ineffectual. Not even the slightest reduction showed.

It made me socially conscious at times because people easily think you’re neglectful with basic hygiene, whereas the reality couldn’t be farther than any such assumptions. Unfortunately it was beyond control but sheer astonishment gripped my expression when I stumbled across the first article where another patient verbalized similar experiences.

Akin to Christina Tournant who’s first symptom of Hypohydrosis manifested at age 3 – related in chapters 221 & 222. Hypohydrosis is when a certain percentage of patients experience an inability to sweat, whereas on the opposite spectrum – others alike me find themselves with:

Hyperhidrosis which is when your body’s sweat glands overact. This overactivity causes you to sweat a lot at times and places where other people wouldn’t. When you’re exercising, sick or really nervous, autonomic nerves tell your sweat glands to start working.

In hyperhidrosis, certain sweat glands work overtime for no apparent reason, producing sweat that you don’t need. It involves the extremities, underarms, face and is usually unrelated to body temperature or exercise.

From the above findings relative to other people with Dysautonomia, it became clearly apparent and there is a consensus of belief that my type seems to have a probable genetic mutation which is why the hyperhidrosis manifested since early childhood and the other symptoms lay quiescent as is a common thread for some of us who live a fairly fit childhood with no major health disturbance. However, once hormones are triggered with puberty or any other external factor rolls into play, the remaining symptoms cascade.

My case is the closest example where chronic migraines were precipitated by three consequent concussions and then the activation of all other associated conditions tailed by the hormonal supplement (as related in chapter five).

These eight tests are above are standard in countries such as US etc. In SA only the (TTT) Tilt Table Test and Valsalvar testing is available.
On a lighter amount I make a great donor 😂

This key discovery will be analyzed further by a geneticist to whom I have been referred but the facts are explicit and clearly comprehensible.

So while I reflect over six years of progressive change, the journey I am foreordained with a set amount of physical and emotional pain has indisputably led me to beautiful souls, breathtaking destinations and brilliant discoveries.

Sometimes Allah redirects or overturns our plans before it can destroy us. Sometimes Allahs responds differently to our desires or duaas because he alone knows which state of affairs will be more beneficial to this being he has created.

وسع كل شئ علما

و ان الله قد احاط بكل شيء علما

Allahs knowledge encompasses everything.

قَالَ عِلْمُهَا عِنْدَ رَبِّي فِي كِتَابٍ ۖ لَا يَضِلُّ رَبِّي وَلَا يَنْسَى

He said: The knowledge thereof is with my Lord in a book, my Lord errs not, nor does He forget

The direction of my destiny six years later

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