275 ~ Six year musings ~

Authors note:

Assalaamu alaikum to all my respected and loyal readers: I don’t always provide an insight regarding the background of every chapter. However, alike many others this one particularly involved uncounted hours of effort to unclog a stagnant brain and make the vessels of ink flow after going off my general baseline from chronically ill to acutely ill.

As you can see – six year musings – has been published after two and a half months. It is a special sequel inked with love in light of several aayaat and ahaadeeth that powered me through the severest bouts of physical pain during my recent weeks of being acutely sick.

It is a reflection of personal self affirmation through a searing stage that eventually stilled. It is a burning hope; the words sourced from my own affliction bring light to pain others are undergoing. It is a deep wish the words herein provide a warm embrace of solace to your hearts as we swim along the cold tides of our sojourn…

Six years later

I am gifted a great fortune to experience another year being alive

Although now it sounds unreal to utter aloud the age twenty five

Six years later

How and where has the time flown I ask myself with wonderment

From being a hifdh educator to an intermediary for patient empowerment

Six years later

I remember Allah has not loaded me with more than I can bear

Rooted within is strength for illnesses that aren’t going anywhere

Six years later

While praying for life-long blessings and heavenly goodness to manifest

I have surrendered to Allah knowing most days will never be without a test

احسب الناس ان يتركوا ان يقولوا امنا و هم لا يفتنون

Six years later

Had life been made perfect, paradise would lose its its value

And man will derail from the purpose they’re created to pursue

Six years later

I say to my beaten body – if we are rewarded for the mere prick of a thorn

Can you imagine a number of illnesses that make the body utterly worn?

Six years later

After feeling time slip away with continous episodic health crisis

I remember all related verses with a repetitive promise:

و ما عند الله خير و ابقى للذين امنوا و على ربهم يتوكلون

What is by Allah in the hereafter is better for us if we only know

The status attained in place of all difficulty we are made to undergo

Praise be to Allah for consoling us with descriptions of Jannah

So we may yearn for his unseen and inconceivable Minnah (gifts)

The world is but a fleeting phase and one day all suffering will cease

It will be said: Peace be upon you oh patient one, enjoy as you please

Adorned beautifully is your ultimate resting place

Upon entry all memory of past pain will efface

No more agony or seperation, you are free from facing trials

Now suffering will be replaced with eternal delight and smiles

Partake of the delicacies you desire without nausea, vomiting or pain

Unlike the world these bounties are limitless and will forever remain

خالدين فيها حسنت مستقر و مقاما

Oh fighter who’s systemic battle is barely visible on the outside

The one who’s rarity consequently results in her being cast aside

Oh fighter on whom I see invasive scar tissue of purple and blue

Remember Allahs presence and assistance shields you

و هو معكم اين ما كنتم

I know flares are inescapable and sometimes you wish to feel more well

Just maybe, for some the hereafter is where we may forever revel

As much as the weight of the world stifles the air from our chests

Strange it seems – when the veil lifts we will thank Allah for these tests

Patience oh my wearied soul, true is the promise of a loving lord

Cling onto his mercy until the moment Jannah becomes our final award

يا رب بعدها الحياة جنة

Remember Allah and remember Jannah

Hold tight onto the one of Rahmah and Minnah

4 thoughts on “275 ~ Six year musings ~

  1. Pertinent, important Ayahs to share. What a beautiful well written poem and love how you incorporated the verses within.

    “ Patience oh my wearied soul, true is the promise of a loving lord”

    Liked by 2 people

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