279 ~ Miracles from struggles ~

With love

A little letter penned to my dear sister who’s family feels let down and abandoned

I share your pain knowing how the disregard of treatment makes one disheartened

From my soul speaking to yours: It is natural to feel lonely, though you aren’t really alone

Allah is with you through your fears, through the confusion and the future unknown

Do not fear, surely he is with you, all hearing, all seeing” – the best guide

Towards a clear direction, so until then remember I too am here at your side

Together we anticipate a breakthrough when your case is given the desired assistance

Alike the miracles that blossomed from my struggles, yours will also rise into existence

By virtue of the developing projects afoot, our advocates remain determined and hopeful

As time ticks by, navigating the medical realm will become less traumatic and painful

I believe no human should be denied access they deserve and thereby sink into despair

Allah is our source of hope and with conviction in his help we will get you somewhere

Patience is never wasted, as hard as it certainly is and as distant as I could once only dream

I affirmed “Allah suffices for me” so when he appointed it to be – I was gifted the best team.

When the wait is prolonged and your response is delayed, rejoice for good sent your way

More beautiful than any imagination because our rabb forgets us not, for a single day

Soon it may be when he fulfills a longing wish and your heart is made happy

Trace the pattern of my story; after every difficulty descended a two-fold mercy

When I reflect on the outcome of all my affairs, I perceive his infinite love subtly interwoven

On oath by the morning brightness and when the night covers darkness never are we forsaken

My dear sister remember this

When you heart seeks solace

( In light of سورة الضحى )

When I was continously mishandled as a result of an unusual condition

In addition to many others, Surah Dhuhaa embraced me in consolation

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