283 ~ Anticipation ~


At 7:18 AM

I recieve the following response

Paramedic Salmaan:

Jee Alhamdulilah all is good
Jazakallah so much for the thoughtfulness and concern 👏 please make us maaf. Forgive us for not returning yesterday, after qurbani I needed to attend a fixed wing flight brought a patient in from CPT which I was rostered for and totally forgot, immediately once I was done it was time to proceed to work my night shift on road operations… Just came off shift now. Please make us maaf once again. How are you feeling?

5:30 PM


Jazakallah for taking out time to reply.
Alhamdulillah so relieved and happy now to hear everything is good. Please don’t worry, I totally understand. Was only concerned something might have happened but figured it could’ve also gotten crazy with shifts so thought to rather message and be sure.

Uhmm.. I still couldn’t hydrate or eat much after eid night because of Gastroparesis. Yesterday morning I started drifting out of consciousness so the two paramedics from JHB came over.

Alhamdulillah they got access into one vein in the right hand which just about stabilized me but it didn’t hold long enough before the vein burst so not enough IV fluids went in. Whenever you have a time that’s open and more convenient, please let me know.

If you don’t mind I really want to discuss few things and prof wants me to put up at least two more bags of plasmalyte because I’m still nil by mouth. Please make maaf for all the trouble and hassle.. I really feel so bad to keep calling you out. Gastroparesis doesn’t give an option sometimes.

5:50 PM

Paramedic Salmaan:

Assalaamu alaikum. Maaf just driving to shift now. Uhmm, most likely tomorrow I should have time on my hands so Insha-Allah by tomorrow, I don’t know if you are around the whole day but we could most probably come by and put the Plasmalyte. Make me maaf if I’m not responding to everything but I will shortly.


Sure, that’s perfectly fine. Besides seeing my chiro once a week, I’m at home 24/7 so time is not a problem at all. No worries about the rest. Insha-Allah we can speak tomorrow

My mind is absolved from wandering over his absence and I hum around tunes of nasheeds while setting up the required essentials, planning to shower finish because once the needle is in, although sealed, it’s not recommended to submerge the area in full running water.

By midnight all personal tasks are completed and I flop my head onto the pillow relieved with Salmaans reply but simultaneously unaware of the next ordeal to befall when my eyes open in hope of a convincingly tentative infusion..

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