287 ~ My Port-A-Cath survey ~

Taking me by total surprise; almost every response came forth in the affirmative towards a Port-A-Cath.

The permacath, hickmann and PICC lines are very different, prone to repeated life-threatening infection and are therefore not recommended by all autonomic specialists. Exceptions are made for specific cases as you might see from some of our friends / followers who’s posts we share, but even in that instance – they’re not allowed to run as a long-term or permanent placement.

Not all ports are the same.

Permcath, Vascath, Portacath, Hickmann line, PICC line – what are the differences?

Read this brief and comprehensive explanation https://thescrubnurse.com/types-of-central-venous-catheters-cvc/




Explanation regarding this rare risk attached below



After acquiring sufficient information from the annual Dysautonomia international conference as well as the feedback cited above, my heart knew it was being guided towards one direction and the proof stemming from istikharah could not be denied as much as I tried resisting the inevitable or denying the facts.

The whispers I had ignored, avoided and brushed aside during the six month course of my infusions had now manifested as reality.

We have to meet prof in order to hear his view on the matter and discuss the howabouts for a Port-A-Cath without further delay.

I’d be lying if I say there aren’t tiny fears roaming in the back of my mind but the time has arrived to face them head-on and break loose from their grip.

When circumstances provide no second alternative, you look at a challenge dead in the eye and say to it – I will take you on!

And to add more entertainment on the event-filled days – while we call prof for a tentative date, another Dr appears on scene…

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