288 ~ A replacement arrives ~


Gusts of nippy wind blow sand adrift into the sunlit sky and I sit in limbo mode under its rays speculating on the five day overturn.

How did Salmaans serious display of concern twist into a total heedless approach

My befuddled brain fraught with desolation and disappointment scrambles for closure, yet a second voice in the back of my head repeatedly whispers:

يؤتكم خيرا مما اخذ منكم و يغفر لكم

True to Allah’s unchangeable promising words, a replacement was en route five hours later when the sister unto whom I dedicated chapter 279 called to say she and her family thought about a doctor who they know personally and if I’m willing to accept the offer, they’ll arrange for him to come home and set up the infusion as he is a complaisant person by nature and will not reject their request.

8:30 PM

(Names changed always)

Dr Aarif arrives on scene showing pleasant mannerism eager to hear my history before making a kick-start on the infusion itself.

We provide a condensed summary and he listens with great intent receptive to my input, considering my opinion, and also maintaining cautiousness by consulting with his senior if uncertain in any action rather than projecting an “I know it all attitude because I am the doctor”

Dr Imraan is a senior associate at an affiliated hospital where they work with clinical trials and other rare diseases such as hemophilia.

Dad adds on by saying: We called you while she is in circulatory collapse but not progressed to an extent where she’s flat out – unconsciousness / unresponsive. So its not an ideally good circumstance but its still okay and safe that you’re seeing her sitting upright and talking for herself.

Previously, she’d wait until the very last minute to call for help because of the past gaslighting that flash back and torment:

Oh you look fine / nothing ‘visibly’ wrong / its not serious – so that fear and trauma is also part of how we delayed in February and hypovolemic shock occurred to the extent of no pulse. Then the paramedics warned us to never again let it reach such an advanced stage because you might not always be fortunate with the same successful resuscitation recovery.

I marvel at Dr Aarifs proactive approach when he responds by saying: I will appreciate it if you don’t delay and call me earlier rather than later. We don’t want to leave medical attention until it reaches such a critical point of intervention.

In the private hospital sector doctors don’t routinely insert needles for an infusion unless it’s an emergency or last resort situation because it is generally the nurses job but let’s give it our best attempt

Dr Aarif:

How are you feeling? Are you nervous?

K (being her confident and bold self 😂🤭):

No; I’m so accustomed to constantly being pricked in search for a feasible vein and experienced many other procedures most of which entail needles and poking so it’s one of those normal happenings in life 🤭

Dr Aarif:

Ok that only makes one of us nervous 😂

When you set up an infusion there are two criterias: one is a good vein and second is a steady, confident hand.

Let’s see, pump

While pumping he says:

That fist is very strong, don’t punch me heyy

As a person who’s nature is to make light and fun out of my own toughest situations, I appreciate someone who can do similar without being insensitive and therefore instantly observed Dr Aarifs quirky sense of humor.

He’s communication style also dissolved any awkwardness during a first off meeting. When I went point blank while speaking, dad stepped in and said give her a few minutes for the brain fog to clear and I didn’t have to face embarrassment when he responded with don’t worry, us younger generation sick or not all have some type of brain fog 😂

The pumping however, only seemed to strengthen my muscles 😂 but did not dilate or bring up any one vein to the surface because I was still in peripheral circulatory collapse so he said okay I won’t insert the needle incase it causes damage and we lose more access points. If you were unconscious I should have definitely placed one so don’t become despondent, drink another rehidrate if possible and perhaps the vein will be more prominent by tomorrow then a nurse will accompany me for assistance.

My appreciation for he’s genuine willingness to assist and initiative of bringing other personnel on board is insufficient. On the same note humility reflects brightly when he concludes by thanking us for providing him an opportunity to see or deal with a case Atypical to the usual.

THIS is the type of remarkable energy a patient is privileged to have on their team.

و الله رؤوف بالعباد

Indeed Allah is most compassionate and merciful towards his servants

When he took away the aid of one then sent another two as replacements

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