291 ~ Assurance from Allah ~

While thoughts of the consult replay I prepare my mind for a seemingly fast life changing procedure, an idea flashed of searching for a support group on Facebook whereby I can equip myself ahead of time and learn from other patients internationally.

When my membership is approved, I log into the port-a-cath group and the first post shows up as a second strong indication – as though Allah is saying to me I affirm your decision, I am with you in this and I am removing any last trace of hesitancy or reservation

After reading the above I know the above message was not a coincidence. It did not appear first by chance and my heart becomes 100% convinced; we are on the correct track.

At the same time more positive posts appear in between few scarey narratives

Prof sends a message to confirm certain details and concludes with a short moving duaa which cannot stir a readers heart unless heard by the ear.

Insha-Allah, Allah Ta’ala put khair in the procedure and Allah Ta’ala grant barakah and guide everyone to the correct decision. Aameen.

Dr Tawriq calls at late noon to confirm the consult for a day later and now the decision gets real.

Throughout the following hours I repeat a stanza written in chapter 278

ان معي ربى سيهدين

Surely my sustainer is with me and he will guide me

For indeed, one among his beautiful attributes is Al-Haadi

(Other patient views for information sake)

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