298 ~ A fresh start ~

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

صباح الخير

Good morning to all my respected & loyal readers

The random rambling girl has finally reappeared for a fresh start after fifteen long life-changing weeks.

The hotline here is almost perpetually flooded lol, but I try my utmost best to respond timeously as it is only a pleasure to assist wherever possible.

My sincerest apologies for the inability to keep up with every single person. As our Dysautonomia support group & community grows further please bear with attendance to queries.

I appreciate your patience & understanding. Might need to recruit a receptionist or personal assistant lol.

To recap quickly; 17 chapters were published in the #DripDrama and #VeinSaga episodes from chapters 281-297. At present, there are no new or important updates so hopefully, the drama is pressed on pause for a good time to come.

During October, we prompted a social media challenge for Dysautonomia awareness month where a specific topic was discussed each day. Incredulous to say I managed to complete the list of topics only six days ago! Alhamdulillah

In between, we broached other contemporary conversations which remain ongoing on my Instagram page & are saved under the discussion highlights.

Now it’s time to tie up the loose ends of Light On The Horizon which paused a year ago at chapter 263, commencing at 247 in case you missed it or would like to refresh the background.

But before resuming Light On The Horizon, I have to share a mind-blowing yearly report of accomplishments & strides from 2021 as we head onto smashing goals for 2022…

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