301 ~ The valor of a lion ~

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The following poem was originally submitted to the Heroes of Heroes challenge hosted in 2019 by CII Radio. Recently, as I’ve been doing some cleaning & revamping of my WordPress account, the poem showed up as a draft so I thought to publish it before moving on to reflections of the seventh year chapter and the completion of Light On The Horizon.

As I browse through the pages glowing with the ink of Islaamic history

I am gripped by the anecdotes about his poetry and bravery

A soldier for whom Allah and his messenger openly declared their love

And in who’s grandeur a complete verse descended from above

It is none other than this esteemed, valiant, and heroic Sahaabi

A lofty champion who portrayed the meaning of his name: Ali

رضي الله عنه

* When facing defeat in the blazing battle of Uhud

Ali رضي الله عنه remained firm and withstood

Unyielding he held the flag of the believers high

And challenged the opponents prepared to die

He remained at the forefront to launch an attack

Not once did his determination waver or slack

A juvenile with permeating Imaan, his fearlessness so distinct

When confronted by a disbeliever he advanced upon instinct

An enemy inquired: “Is there anyone who will take me on in a duel?”

This lion at heart spurred ahead in response, Jannah being his fuel!

* Ali رضي الله عنه possessed unparalleled strength to which Abu Rawfe’s bear’s witness

In one battle, single-handed he picks up and shields himself with a door of the fortress

Death hovering above his head & desiring martyrdom, unabatedly he fought

Staking his life until eventually using this strength, victory was brought

Afterward, he threw it away but the very same door

Seven of my companions could not lift off the floor

* On one occasion he was seen sitting calmly against a decayed wall

Two men arguing approached him, stating that it is about to fall

But he proclaimed full conviction

And reliance on Allah’s protection

Settled their matter and time elapsed

Only after he moved away did it collapse.

* Once when asked the reasons for donning thick and patched attire

He replied: Concentration and dignity in salaah allow me to acquire

These clothes keep far away from me, pride and arrogance

A good example for people so they refrain from extravagance.

* While laying on his deathbed, Ali رضي الله عنه imparted some final advice

The following words carry profound meaning despite being concise:

💎The greatest wealth is that of intelligence

💎 The greatest poverty is having ignorance

💎 The greatest grief is that of arrogance

💎 The greatest attribute is having a character of excellence

💎 Save yourself from the company of a foolish person

For the harm he will afflict upon you is certain

💎 Save yourself from the companionship of a person with malevolence

Because he will sell you for the reward of a pittance

💎 Knowledge is better than wealth because it:

1) Fortifies

2) Multiplies

3) And abides.

* Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم once stepped back from leading a person’s Janazah due to outstanding debt

Ali رضي الله عنه then stepped forward and paid for everything so the man would not become bereft

In turn, Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم prayed: “May Allah free you of your mortgage as you freed your brother”

Subhanallah! I marvel at this act of utter selflessness, displayed by a Khalifah of distinguished caliber

The more I read & gain a deeper glimpse of Ali رضي الله عنه ‘s exemplary qualities

My sometimes dimmed spirit is kindled by one of Islaam’s true celebrities.

In the present era, (jihaad) / war of the former times does not exist

Yet differently, Ali رضي الله عنه’ s undying legacy still teaches me to fight on and persist

Against the “battle” & effects of a long-term, life-threatening rare type of illness

No amount of words can do justice to a companion embodying such a lofty status

The righteous conquerer who executed a mighty role

The happiness of Allah his creator is the ultimate goal!

فجزاه الله عليا عنا افضل الجزاء

لخدمته الى إلاسلام و الوفاء

(May Allah reward Ali رضي الله عنه on our behalf, with the best of rewards

For his service, sacrifice, and loyalty towards Islaam)

– Composed by: K.Munchi