303 ~ Light on the horizon – Part 13 ~

(Assalaamu Alaikum respected readers. We are finally at the concluding parts of Light On The Horizon which commenced in September 2020 but was stalled in January 2021. To recap at the point we last stopped, here is the link attached)


Being a habitual morning walker I stepped outside onto the lush lawn, expanding my lungs with deep breaths of the crisp farm air & chattering the way down to the lunch table where our host prepared a heart-warming & tasty Gastroparesis friendly meal. She went to the extent of setting out a variety of healthy snacks & I was deeply touched when I saw that she also stocked up on two slabs of raw cacao chocolate remembering that I’m allergic to normal cocoa (brown) chocolate.

We then headed towards Dr. Y’s practice to trial specialized methods of upper cervical adjustments and a chiro-neuro reset that is rarely practiced in SA. So as Dr worked on my C-spine & various areas of the body, discussing and explaining as he went along, he pointed towards the progress & acknowledged how far I’d reached in terms of pain management compare to when he last tried working on me at the beginning of 2017 & could barely touch my skin due to the extreme allodynia.

Dr. Y:

"You don't realize, but you're a lot stronger than you perceive. I try to adjust and manipulate some people, adults bigger in age. But before I can get to the main part, (demonstrating - just by pressing in deep like this), they're already jumping and shouting out. Whereas you're not saying anything and I know what I'm doing is very painful."

I didn’t respond at the moment and continued listening intently processing all the different theories. My parents were in the room to observe the treatment so one of them affirmed by saying: “well, her pain threshold is very very high”

I then thought to myself; instead of having to do the usual (and understandable) work of explaining the types and intensity of pain for a Dr to grasp, here is one who recognizes the depths of it by himself. What he didn’t realize or see, was the power of a few motivating words that left a strong mark and indelible reminder. You never know the duration your words will remain in a person’s mind, long after it was spoken. Nor will you know the role it can play as they go about life.

When confronted with a challenging situation, somehow this sentence still flashes in front and reminds me of the resilience flowing within my veins that makes me beat the odds & rise above the waves that knock me down.

During these procedures, Dr. Y also elaborated extensively regarding the approach & purpose of treatment in conjunction with the body’s manner of operating & healing. He spoke about neurolinguistic therapy & explained a lengthier version of the entire concept but I outlined one specific part relevant to other patients & cut out the technicalities so it’s easier for non-medical people to understand.

Dr. Y highlighted a fascinating point that no one mentioned in the past:

"I don't want you to expect a certain outcome from this treatment. I don't want you to think you're going to feel worse or better. I only want you to observe and take note. Take a quick note of what symptoms or reactions occur after the treatment is over. 
Don’t think or expect anything further. Because if you expect a particular outcome, it will interfere with everything I’ve just done. In short words; I’ve done a neuro reset where I retrain the brain to send the correct signals to and from the organs and systems.
We’re trying to channel the brain to send certain types of signals. Now by you expecting a particular outcome, it confuses the receptors being carried via the nervous system to bodily functions”

I was intrigued with this approach because it doesn’t place any pressure on a person to expect a positive outcome, then instead when the opposite happens, chaos ensues between the nervous system receptors & your brain is circling in a whirlwind of confusion as to what’s going on after believing things were “supposed” to only & fully work for the best.

As people of a pristine beautiful faith, we are aware that each human will be treated according to their expectations in their creator so we maintain unyielding hope in his power & control over the universe including all of our circumstances. Without taking away the perspective of faith, one hopes purely for good but at the same time being reminded on a realistic note that there is a possibility or chance of the matter concluding otherwise, the spiral of disappointment is less severe.

Nonetheless, trialing a treatment without being hyped to expect one desired outcome was light & freeing to the mind because I didn’t have to give any sort of focus or thought to the results & simply let my body take its natural course by following the neuro reset process. The theory here was straightforward:

Only time would tell…

And in the meantime, I was going to squeeze every god-given opportunity from my enthralling adventure beginning with chasing the most serene sunsets


Sunsets that capture your soul into it’s spell

Sunsets that carry stories I can forever retell

Sunsets above seawater and salty air that linger in smell

Sunsets bonded by sweet memories in which I can always revel

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