~ Invisible not dismissible ~

Welcome to an ongoing series of dramatically palpable scenes

Where I bring the reality of invisible illness onto your screens

Not once in my existence of 18 years had the thought occurred

Nor did we hear any mention of this life-changing word

Where would someone have imagined or foreseen

A turnover of my destiny at the age of nineteen

The world as I viewed it was never the same

After the Dr uttered a tongue-tying name


Sounds like gibberish??

And somewhat freakish?

Kindly follow the future posts to gain a glimpse into this mysterious realm…

Wherein each day the story of a failing bodily system turns and twists

Here I am, defying an insane level of medical ignorance that exists

Until the endmost we have no option but to fight for awareness

Because most professionals look at us dumbfounded and clueless

Dysautonomia is rarely known and invisible

It is a condition that’s real and undeniable

The manner in which it manifests with each patient

Uniquely classifies it as Atypical & different!

Visualize a tree;

The roots being an etiology – underlying factor

The trunk stemming as dysautonomia

The branches following as synchronized conditions

And leaves subdivided as a plethora of (progressive) symptoms.

As a subsequent result of Autonomic nerve damage, I have been affected with the following collection of diagnoses:

1) Small Fiber Sensory Polyneuropathy ✔️

2) Restless Leg Syndrome ✔️

3) Gastroparesis ✔️

4) Mitral Valve Prolapse with mild regurgitation (Barlow’s syndrome) ✔️

5) Coronary Artery Spasms – Prinzmetal’s Angina ✔️

6) Tachycardia – varied ✔️

7) Cardiac Failure ❓

8) Long QT Syndrome identified on an ECG tracing

9) Respiratory Distress Syndrome ✔️

Survived cyanosis & a partial heart attack (lateral infarction)

10) Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome ✔️


11) Pulmonary Edema ✔️

12) Right Ventricular Strain (Enlarged right heart) ✔️

13) Suspected secondary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension❓

14) Bronchospasm ✔️

15) Incomplete right bundle branch block ✔️

16) Partial Anomalous Pulmonary Venous return / drainage – shown on a cardiac stress treadmill test

17) Mild scoliosis ✔️

Despite losing the version of my former self through the strife of this painful and simultaneously beautiful thing called life, I realized; our existence alone holds manifold purpose, irrespective of circumstances.

Often, I thought it was the end of my world

But as the clock ticked & life upsurged

I learnt to accept plans not meant to be

And welcome the enigma of a rare decree

In due course, unexpected gifts were favored

Once my heart espied subtle messages transmitted

Initially I didn’t perceive, such a commencement

Would lead me towards invoked betterment

After all

I am a student in a lengthy but temporary examination room

Being tested for the graduation; to approach quite soon

After all

I am similar to the clouds in the sky

A mere traveler simply passing by

After all,

The world and its adornments hold no value

Except resemblance to the wing of a mosquito

So prepare well and wisely oh traveler

For the day you reunite with your creator