150 ~ One of a kind design ~

Chronic illness often or in most cases, dismantles a person’s sense of self esteem or self worth in various ways due to many reasons: ­čö║Being unable to keep up with the rapid “pace” of an able bodied society. Feelings of incompetence. ­čö║Constantly being told “nothing is wrong” or you’re a “hypchondriac”. Incorrect misconceptions and biased…

117 ~ Disability tool aids – Part 1 ~

This is a post of some random items listed, that can be of assistance to people with disabilities. Be it visible or invisible. Categorized as part 1, so if need be to list more in the future, i can add it on as a second part for easier referance or search. 1) Hair wash tray…

85 ~ The Thurayya star ~

1400 years ago in the preceding era

A celebrity you were named after

Our prophet (May the choicest of salutations be upon him) praised his worth

With the following admirable words