293 ~ Gripped by apprehension ~

14/08/2021 The apprehension in my heart weighs heavier with each prayer of istikharah and my search for an after theater antiseptic observation space becomes futile. “You can't expect hospitals to oblige to your requests because reverse barrier nursing or a reserved room is probably only suited for patients in the US. Forget about it happening … Continue reading 293 ~ Gripped by apprehension ~

290 ~ An important appointment ~

10/08/2021 9:30 AM An early start to an important day with some butterflies fluttering away inside my tummy although less as compared to a first time meeting. Post-appointment nerves are part of every single consult more so since today was scheduled for a consequential decision. As always, I perform two rakaats Salaat-ul-Haajah before leaving home … Continue reading 290 ~ An important appointment ~

287 ~ My Port-A-Cath survey ~

Taking me by total surprise; almost every response came forth in the affirmative towards a Port-A-Cath. The permacath, hickmann and PICC lines are very different, prone to repeated life-threatening infection and are therefore not recommended by all autonomic specialists. Exceptions are made for specific cases as you might see from some of our friends / … Continue reading 287 ~ My Port-A-Cath survey ~