304 ~ Eight years later ~

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

There comes a time when you have to separate & detach from the comfortable familiarity of your environment & surroundings.

When you have to let go & bid a temporarily farewell to the people & places that occupy your whole heart.

When the command of destiny strikes & the tides turn you towards uncharted space into a vastly different life.

When you cannot resist the force of the waves at the command of its creator moving you into the unknown.

When all you can do is look & follow the signs while praying, trusting & hoping for the best.

When Swimming Through The Waves metaphorically, loops into the literal context.

When you are filled with nervousness & excitement to venture forward & ink the approaching chapters with new narratives

A story

A story that people termed to be a dumfounding fairy-tale

A story that speaks about the wonders of fate in every detail

A story that opened chapters she never once envisioned

A story where the sacred union of two souls happened

A story of strength & struggle, patience & prayer

A story where a detiorating ill body became stronger

A story that Khadeeja lives day-by-day as she continues swimming through the waves marking eight years of life with Dysautonomia, five years as a blogger, three years as an ambassador & one year bonded to another…


Not too far off from a decade, here I am eight years later & at present – eleven days closer to the day I had entered this transitory world.

Twenty six

You gripped me unwittingly & hurled me into the depths of stormy seas for which I was unprepared & ill-equipped. You were a passage of an eventful time & you molded me into a ‘true traveler’. I wish you were softer on my sensitive soul that has been seared with unseeable scars but I emerge from you with strength that is being stitched together by Imaan & Qur’aan. I emerge from you grateful for the priceless & beautiful gifts you graced me with. I emerge from you with enhanced skills & little-known achievements. I emerge from you with extreme & earnest gratitude for the pure sweet memories that will linger a lifetime. The joyful reminiscents of which will remain.

As you hand me over to the outset of twenty seven…

I see my life flash infront as a whole with a span written, none who can advance or delay its termination. The time that escapes us swiftly & silently, is appointed…


We are always moving in the delusion that we have more

Pondering little over the depths of life & what we are living for

Oh soul

Where are you going? In your pursuit, hopes or sorrow

Is there anyone but He to say Be for the time tomorrow

None but one

And you will not find a refuge besides him so pray and persevere

Until you see the aid to anguish & the happiness to hurt will appear


Hold onto his words with conviction in the doings of the unseen

For in all adversity that rips our lives asunder surely he can intervene

The most merciful

And he is capable over all things to mend, heal & restore

By means of his 99 beautiful attributes we use to implore

We have Allah

What a comforting few words to say & how reassuring it is to hear

He is with us wherever we are, all-seeing, all-listening so do not fear

Hold tight

And don’t let go of Allah when going on becomes unbearable

Don’t give up on your unique self for the Jannah that is eternal

3 thoughts on “304 ~ Eight years later ~

  1. So proud of you and what you’ve achieved ❤️❤️❤️

    Allah Ta’ala ease the road ahead for you and grant you all the tools you need
    آمين يارب العالمين

    You are a true warrior and inspiration ❤️🌷

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but I was actually wondering where you were all this while and it makes me so happy to read this post.❤

    Liked by 1 person

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