303 ~ Light on the horizon – Part 13 ~

(Assalaamu Alaikum respected readers. We are finally at the concluding parts of Light On The Horizon which commenced in September 2020 but was stalled in January 2021. To recap at the point we last stopped, here is the link attached) https://swimmingthroughthewaves.com/2021/01/05/263-light-on-the-horizon-part-12/ 23/01/2020 Being a habitual morning walker I stepped outside onto the lush lawn, expanding … Continue reading 303 ~ Light on the horizon – Part 13 ~

295 ~ Strength and solace ~

16/08/2021 Subconscious thoughts of discussions involving infirmary beds, fluorescent lights and aseptic odors intrude the dreams of a restless three hour sleep and my leaden eyelids slowly open to fajr adhaan resounding via the masjid reciever. As soon as fajr concludes; Dad being the senior guardian calls Dr Tawriq to affirm my decision. Contrary to … Continue reading 295 ~ Strength and solace ~