104 ~ The differences of our substance ~

This is a subject matter concerning empowerment. The stories, statistics & articles repeatedly shared & discussed are not controversial, instead they are written with the sole aim for a change; To be implemented in our health care systems. Perhaps one professional reading this will take a firm stance of crushing the mental stigma & reiterate … Continue reading 104 ~ The differences of our substance ~

98 ~ Discern the signal ~

Even now, your darkest moments are making way for the light to arrive - Bryant Mcgill After much deliberation via mutual consultation, the decision was finalized to return to the cardiologist with whom I consulted the first time As related in chapter https://kayborninmay.wordpress.com/2018/01/10/18-positive-proof-of-clicks/ Some had suggested a long while ago, but another Dr whos opinions … Continue reading 98 ~ Discern the signal ~