244 ~ Transformative tips – Part 13 ~

Usually around the time of our hormonal cycle, certain changes or flares tend to occur. Heightened skin sensitivity, allodynia, gastroparesis and more. So as of yesterday - Dr discovered a specific type of headache which mimics migraines but isn't the same. Though it can make you / makes me completely debilitated for 24 hours plus... … Continue reading 244 ~ Transformative tips – Part 13 ~

243 ~ Transformative tips – Part 12 ~

I traveled back and forth different lanes from one hospital, to one doctor, and yet another. It was exhausting. Physically and emotionally it left me drained. Majority of the time I returned frazzled from this vicious and seemingly unending cycle. Until the overseer who's vision encompasses everything, saw the exhaustion which sometimes consumed my willpower … Continue reading 243 ~ Transformative tips – Part 12 ~

242 ~ Ninety-nine beautiful names ~

Instagram followers are aware; recently I done a revised edition with a refreshed perspective over the shattered dreams series - also known as a #amysteriousfate. So while reliving those experiences I thought about few generalized questions I'm often asked and ones that were particularly put across following this entire pattern of events:"How did you pull … Continue reading 242 ~ Ninety-nine beautiful names ~

240 ~ Transformative tips – Part 11 ~

Slipping Rib Syndrome (SRS) arises due to multiple factors such as Hypermobility Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Heds), chronic lung conditions that are associated with frequent intense bouts of coughing, bronchitis, and more. Vicious coughing puts a lot of pressure on the ribcage and for those of us who have Slipping Rib Syndrome or EDS, ribs are easily … Continue reading 240 ~ Transformative tips – Part 11 ~