87 ~ Support not ignored ~

Assalaamu Alaikum / Hi.

Not an episode of a particular category..

No post is targeted at a certain individual following here.

A few points I’d like to mention following the previous post including general guidelines below.

All praises to the Almighty, my main symptoms resolved within a period of 2 hours. Thereafter I fell asleep so unsure when the remaining partial numbness & mild symptoms dissipated.

A sigh of relief, because there’s always a possibility of it not resolving, or the heart not settling down at all which requires an immediate hospital admission.

Annnd.. Thus far there is no hospital in gauteng that is well equipped with the literature to understand my rare case.

Emergency types with my condition mimic one another in many similar ways. Each time it is due to a different part, a different reason that makes it difficult for those around to differentiate which attack it is exactly.


⚕️Transient ischemic

⚕️Postural change dizziness-fainting

⚕️A dangerously irregular rhthym

⚕️Extremely high tachycardia rate

⚕️Blood clot in the lung – pulmonary embolism

⚕️Worst case scenario – cardiac arrest –

Where the fault occurs with the electrical system of the heart & it stops beating. If not resuscitated or a defibrillator (AED) is not used with fast action, death occurs in split seconds.

Previously I mentioned the difference between the hearts electrical system & the hearts plumbing system.


Currently trying to write out a guideline sheet of readings for blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation & the distinguishing signs of different attacks. My family members tend to become a bit muddled sometimes & of course they’re not to be blamed.

I’m a jumbo pack LOLLL.

Full surety, these odds are survived with everyone’s constant powerful prayers.

A friend messaged me the next day aptly stating

Yesterday another friend sent me this image

The beauty of prayer is that we don’t have to always lift our hands to do so, especially for someone like me who cannot hold arms upwards too long because it pulls a strain on my chest & nerves.

We can pray silently at any given moment. We can be around people, yet we can be talking to our lord about our concerns at the same time.

Infinite conversations.

Much appreciation to everyone who includes my name whereas they could be praying for themselves only 💙



I truly appreciate & acknowledge every single message or email. It brings ample joy & warmth for my cold blooded body lol.

Though, it is difficult to keep up with all. I always tell people to continue sending. It’s never an inconvenience or disturbance & never purposely left aside.

Support is definitely not ignored.

If I cannot be grateful to people how can I be grateful to my creator.

Days pass by taking care of myself, physically & emotionally. I do many things to keep my soul going strong therefore A LOT of time is necessitated.

All my understanding friends & family message, whether a response is recieved or not. They are aware of the manner in which my days revolve & as long as they know I’m reading, they’re happy.

Sometimes 1 entire day goes in overpowering nausea / sitting next to the toilet vomiting / lying in a pitch dark room with sunglasses + earplugs during a migraine / dizziness / fog & haziness that I can’t understand my own words let alone those of another etc etc etc etc etc etc.

If the “About” on this site is read, it can deduced how much is placed on my hands to keep BUSY.

Not complaints. Just saying.

It would be greatly appreciated if the public is more considerate of these facts instead of becoming annoyed when a message or call is not answered.

I cannot answer calls so if someone is around me at the moment – they answer. If not I have to ring the bell & wait for someone to come..

Mom gets really busy between usual chores & my specialized needs, sometimes she’s in the bathroom or cooking a dish that cannot be left unattended, I may be needing to eat or drink immediately, she’s praying – unable to take a landline call.

Often I have to deal with complaints & irritation about calls not being answered. To be honest, it is really annoying.

If someone hasn’t lived with us for a few days they wouldn’t know how the minutes & hours chop & change.

Few times I’ve been told comments as these straight to the face:

“You don’t respond so I stopped messaging”

“You don’t answer calls”

“Then your phone is switched off often”

“Its difficult to get hold of you”

“Why didnt you message me? I didn’t because I waited to see if you would”

“why you so scarce?”


Honesty is appreciated, but really now?

My own family members don’t recieve immediate replies or no replies with the amount of fog that occurs.

I can be found staring at the screen for a couple of hours trying to be productive. If my own name & surname would make sense together sometimes.. it will be wonderful.

At times, a person’s name floats through my mind for days on end before getting the opportune moment to chat.

At first I was sorry, always apologizing for forgetfulness etc.

But now, I’m not because I shouldn’t be apologetic for health conditions that switches off & limits mental capacity.

When possible I always respond immediately. If there’s a delay it is guessed why.

And when sleeping my phone is switched off 📵


Visitors are welcome.

As long as verbal dirrhoea is not spewed.

Please remember I have an exertional rapid heart rate called – Tachycardia caused from dysautonomia & congestive heart failure.

It slows me with movements & the rule is; I cannot be rushed!

I’m vexed if someone comes & insists on seeing me at their time & that very moment whilst I may be dressing, having a shower – not afforded the opportunity daily, in the toilet, or sleeping etc.

Some spread rumors thinking my family lies by saying I’m sleeping because “they don’t want people to see me

Lollll, hilarious!!!!

Don’t know what’s there to hide.

Sooo precious to be shown 👅

Naps are not broken knowing the consequences it has on my body we all have to deal with later.

Dizziness & fainting being number 1.

A shower causes extreme exhaustion & breathlessness. After coming out I recline on the bed for a while before dressing fully.

Heart rate is already on its high glory.

For someone to arrive unexpectedly without notifying & insist they want to see me at that particular moment is not on.

Patience please.

I appreciate the visit. I appreciate the time. I know it’s effort, but there are definitely etiquettes & precautions for any patient that has to be considered. Not just me.

❌ People with flus are not allowed in close proximity unless a mask is donned before entering.

Few months ago I came to learn from our rare community;

For another patient who has low immune resistance, the cough emitted from a CHF patient can cause bad effects.

My immune systems resistance is also severely compromised & there isn’t much function remaining.

Lung infections are dangerous & a normal infection takes a major toll so safety measures set are best.

Visiting times differ, but commonly easier from late afternoons onwards until the evenings. Unless a flare is in process or I have to sleep in the afternoon due to an early morning appointment.

Here I must commend a wonderful neighbor who visits very considerately & always asks first if I’m up to seeing people 💙💜

Greatest of respect & applauds to her & all those alike👏

❌ Last but not least, please don’t ask questions expecting me to talk & talk.

I can respond via the latest “medical accessory – smart board communication style.”

✔️ If you’re up to that, then yesssss! Welcome. Welcome 😊

I enjoy good company.

Our bell 🔔 is a bit faulty & doesnt always ring. Please don’t think we are purposely not opening. Give a ring to inform you’re outside or before hand.

May the Almighty reward everyone for their support, thoughts, consideration, check ins, help outs & everything!

May he bless you with more than you do or ask for me.


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