147 ~ Used or abused? ~

Disclaimer: None of my posts are composed out of ill will or directed with ulterior motives towards any individual.

These are all musings, observations and life-long morals derived from this 3 year journey. I share, so they can perhaps be of benefit to others.

An Arabic quotation is as follows:

حاسبوا قبل أن تحاسبوا

“Take account of yourself before you will be brought to account”

In view of this, we are encouraged to make soul searching a fixed practice…

Do we think of our words before they emit?

Are we cautious of the manner they exit?

Breath is often squandered on something, most can attest

An act the Almighty greatly admonishes and detests

Gossip! Is a widespread scourge

Seek help to suppress this urge

Gossip! Is equated to eating a dead persons flesh

What is so palatable about a repulsive act as that?

Gossip! What type of pleasure do people attain?

By idling over people’s lives again and again?

Gossip! Let us not destroy ourselves with this slow poison

God forbid, we’re prevented from dwelling in heaven

Gossip! May we avoid with resent

Implore forgiveness and repent

If you hear bad being circulated about someone

First verify the source and action “done”

Then do not go about creating a huge stir

We do not know who might be next to err

In the end, defamation only brings about disgrace

At some point, similar words are bound to retrace

So make it a habit to conceal people’s faults

And hope for reward by the one who exalts

What do we usually do with our most prized possessions?

What are we doing with the bounties that are priceless?

If we’re not breathing, we aren’t doing anything else either.

Do not wait for an illness or tragedy to befall, to “treasure your air supplier”

Let our breath be a cool breeze to a blazing soul…

Let our breath be a spritz of perfume that enhances the atmosphere & senses of people as they inhale…

Do not let it produce a foul smell & bitter taste in terms of the words we choose & use…

Beware of our words inflicting harm

Opt to make them a soothing balm

Do not be left with a regret

Apropos the usage of breath!

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