76 ~ Inception and transition ~

My inception was from sand

A passing homeland

Upon it I humbly stand

Alongside varieties of bands

Entwined with alike hands

Submitting to divine plans.

Divergent regions on 1 map

Engraving plenty stamps

Warily we tramp

And roll up ramps.

Beware of adorned traps

Veiled by internal crap.

The devil strikes bats

Out bounces his callous pranks

Bolting us into a tightened latch.

So grab the bitter-sweet facts

Of the steps we chase to catch

Comprehend the objects

Our souls subconsciously clasps,

Lest we stumble upon our tracks

Solo, only to glimpse his retreating back

Abandoning us with suffocated sacks

Choked around the neck.

Bleeding from the jabs

As we wriggle & gasp

Jeering with a smug he claps.

I fall whilst climbing for high ranks

Of cleansing which my actions lack.

When the blueness of our veins blank

People will arrive to bid farewell

Scooping & throwing handfuls of sand

The long hole will be closed with a plank

6 feet beneath, blackness engulfing black

Apart for those who “cultivated the land”.

To no avail will be famous name brands ****👇

Are there any differences & barriers we create then?

Between a superior or ordinary layman?

Once again we return to the same shared sand

For that is our origin & midway transition to the final destination

A palpable, inaudible calling each day; be vigilant of your direction

Live, love & laugh!!! But don’t perish {for} masked beautification.

Nothing is mines. Nothing is yours.

Except that which is eaten, worn, torn

And spent for a charitable course.


Why are people wrongly defamed

For not wearing branded names?

Have segments of society stopped so low

For materialism to become some kind of foes?

Is now not the opportune time to contemplate

& set out ethics in life straight?!

Don’t intend delving into controversial matters nor is this intended to anyone as I always introspect & address myself firstly when writing.

It has been floating through my mind for a long while after witnessing different types of incidents occurring… I finally put them to rest by voicing out aloud.

Whilst I wear branded names, many of my family members wear as well, with that in check, we wear particular ones for qaulity, comfort, durability etc.. (my condition of only being able to wear 100% cotton as well) not solely for the name.

Neither do we categorize people based upon the types of homes they can afford or sometimes choose to live in, clothing worn, cars driven etc.

“Not every mansion is a guarantee for satisfaction”

& as it’s commonly said:

“There is definite beauty found in simplicity.”

At the end, each person = human & rightfully deserves to be treated as such.

When our priorities & goals are amiss, squabbles occur over issues that hold no basis.

(I myself would previously find fault with entities that no longer hold an atom of importance in life after falling ill. That is why this journey overall is a disguised blessing that lifted a blindfolded covering fastened over my mind & heart.

Thinking about trivialities I held onto back then makes me wonder how even & why?!)

As the mind plunges

The keyboard has to budge (lol)

So apologies for always drifting off

These are pertinent topics I was also requested to address on a general note & complied, because you will be surprised to hear regarding the degree people are judged for lifestyles they choose to adopt after falling ill or certain tragedies that force them to retrospect & set new future values.

Next up finally follows the awaited award response…

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